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10 Ways To Get A Girl To Kiss You

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10 Ways To Get A Girl To Kiss You

Nothing tastes as sweet as the first time that your lips touch hers. The problem is that you might not be sure she wants you to lean in at all. If you want to know how to get a girl to kiss you by arousing her, it is all about the chemistry. When hormones get flying, reason flies out the window, and then a woman simply can’t help herself against your manly wiles.

how to get a girl to want to kiss you

10 of the best ways to arouse a girl into kissing you

#1 Watch a chick flick – I know it sounds absolutely life sucking, but if you watch a chick flick with a girl, then she will start to have all these stored up emotions in her come to the surface. Wanting the type of love that she sees on screen, you will start to look a whole lot better to her than you did pre-flick. Although maybe a bit insufferable, if you want to get her aroused enough to kiss you, try “the Notebook” on Netflix, it will have you kissed by the end, guaranteed.

#2 Talk about sexual things – This one can be very difficult unless you are completely comfortable with the topic of sex and sexuality. There are times when talking about sex will arouse her and then there are others when you will sound like a creeper and turn her off. The way that you can talk about sex is through very mundane innuendos.

If you use it in an appropriate and light-hearted manner, it will turn her thoughts to the sheets, which might be enough to get you in there with her. If you see a woman shaking her ass, point it out in a funny way, like “I wonder if she orders fries with that ass shake”. Just be careful that you aren’t making her uncomfortable.

#3 Get her alone – What girls want more than anything is a little extra TLC and to feel as if they are the only one that you see. If you want to arouse her, then try to get her alone somewhere outside of the crowd to sweet talk her. Don’t be cheesy, just show interest in her by asking her emotional and deep questions. Girls are aroused by guys who want to know the “real” them and appear to be in it for more than just sex. Be that guy who wants to know what her head is thinking if you want her lips and body on you.

#4 Pull her close to you – A sure fire way to increase the sexual tension that you have with a girl is to pull her close to you and put pelvis to pelvis. Just getting the electricity going between your sexual parts is a good way to arouse her. The biggest key to this move is to make sure that she is already interested in you. Otherwise, it will feel awkward and might turn her way off. If you feel the chemistry, then put parts on parts and see where it goes.

#5 Start with a kiss on the cheek – If you aren’t sure if a full frontal kiss is the way to go with a girl, then the litmus test to find out if she is in, while getting her aroused to want more, is to give her a little kiss on the cheek or the forehead. If you kiss the peripheral parts of her that aren’t intimidating and have less fear of rejection for you, you will know right away whether she wants to go in for more. If she pulls back, then it might be time to try something else or wait until she appears more ready for the real thing.

#6 Look her deeply in the eyes – If you want to arouse a girl, then look directly into her eyes and don’t veer from them. A girl wants to feel a connection with you that is more than just sex. Gazing into a girl’s eyes and holding the gaze makes her think that she can see the real you and that you aren’t trying to hide something. The eyes are not only the window to the soul, but they are also the heart to any relationship. So, make sure to give her the “I am trustworthy” stare, and she might be just aroused enough to reach in a give you a big smack on the lips.

#7 Brush the hair back from her eyes – There are receptors that are built into our facial muscles that stimulate all sorts of feelings. Some muscles make us feel happy while others can make us feel aroused. If you touch a woman either by brushing the hair back from her eyes, or moving your hand softly across her cheek, you will elicit emotions in her that are involuntary. No matter what is going on in her head, the triggered feelings might be enough that she allows her animal instincts to take over and reach in for a big kiss

#8 Guide or grab her around the waist – The waist region and hips are also a place where many nerve receptors lie. While you are getting her alone, or you are walking through a doorway, gently put your hands on her waste. That will send signals to her brain of protection and instinctual arousal. Also, while you are talking, reach around and just give her hips a little hug. It is almost like giving her sexual parts a little heads up that they might want some of you. You would be surprised at how much the nerves in the body are accepting of sexual gratification even if the head isn’t so sure.

#9 Stop talking and just listen – A girl wants to be with someone who isn’t all about the talk but is also there to listen. If she is telling you something emotional, then the best way to make her feel aroused is to show her that you have concern for her feelings and needs. When you can take care of her mental needs, it makes her consider allowing you to take care of her physical ones. There is nothing more arousing than having a deep and meaningful conversation with someone who appears to care and isn’t in it just for the one night stand.

#10 Let her be your guide – The most important thing to do to get a girl aroused is to watch her lead and never overstep your bounds. A girl will show signs that she is aroused by breathing heavily, getting in close to touch you or even flipping her hair around and touching her face. Girls are pretty predictable when it comes to showing if they want to be kissed, if you know the right signs to look for. If you want to get her aroused, then make it seem like it is her idea that you kiss her not that you are forcing it on her or not giving her the upper hand.

If you want to make a girl aroused so that she will kiss you and not feel the sting of rejection, then it is about making innuendos and backing off and letting her come to you. There are erogenous zones that will make her more readily available if she is so inclined, but you have to put the decision in her hands.

Giving her primers like watching a chick flick, or talking about subtle sexual things might work, but in the end, just show her some attention and make her feel important and she will likely be turned on enough to reach out and grab your lips to put on hers.

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