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4 Relationship Bases When You Get Intimate With Someone

Relationship Advice

4 Relationship Bases When You Get Intimate With Someone

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the- Oh wait, you’re not talking about those kind of bases are you? Of course not! You definitely didn’t come here seeking advice on what the bases in baseball are… We hope. No, instead you’re probably looking for some information about the bases there are when you get intimate with someone, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure!

We know new love is exciting and gives us the best feeling in the world. But we may not understand what exactly comes after first establishing a bond with someone. You’re pondering what that next move going to be, now that you have thought to yourself, ‘Hey, I kind of like this person. A lot.

Relationship Bases

You might also be wondering why these levels of intimacy are called bases in the first place. Because, like baseball, you get closer and closer to a ‘home run’ as you pass each base. What’s a ‘home run’? Well, we’ll get to that later, don’t you worry.

First, pick someone that you really have a connection with. Otherwise all of the bases, and we do mean all of them, will fall totally flat and lead to utter disappointment.

You might even want to set the right atmosphere up to be in when you finally head into the first inning of relationship bases.

How do you do that?

Easy. Just ask the person to go somewhere private and quiet with you. You might suggest a Netflix and chill type of date at your place, or theirs, and have some dinner first. Keep dinner light, because the last thing that you want to do is have either of you bloated and full. This might be cause to prevent any magic from happening.

Otherwise you can be more formal and woo your love interest with an actual date.

Then after the date is over, you can head into first base. However, if you want to reach the other bases, you will definitely need to find somewhere secluded to go. If not, things would just get a little too weird.

Base #1

Ah, the first base. The very suspenseful, yet invigorating, moment where you finally get to make physical contact with the person that you have feelings for. This is where it all begins and ultimately what will be the deciding factor if you go forward into any of the other bases with one another.

So let’s get down to what it means and what you should expect heading into it.

First base is the most innocent base there is. It usually consists of kissing. Now what kind of kissing it turns out to be is totally up to you and the person that you are locking lips with.

There is no specific kiss that defines the first base. You could go full tongue, a.k.a french kissing, or you could keep your lips absolutely sealed. Even a simple peck on the lips counts as reaching the very first base.

What doesn’t qualify? A kiss on the cheek, a hug or hand holding. These are things that friends do often. Yes, friends can totally and platonically hold hands with each other.

After you kiss or even full on makeout, you will find yourself deciding on whether or not to slide into second base. It is what gives you a chance to see how you like the feel of them before going all the way.

Base #2

Moving on into the second base! What is second base? After you two have done the kissy kissy thing, things might get a little bit more heated. This means not only lips will be in full on action, but your hands will suddenly join in on all of the fun.

You will notice that your breathing gets quicker, along with the motion of what you are doing; Kissing and touching. What kind of touching? Second base isn’t all that big of a deal. It’s simple touching. You will usually find that it’s done with clothing still on and doesn’t reach below the waistline. Chests, as well as anything on them, are often the target for this base.

Stroking, petting, grabbing, rubbing- All along with passionate kissing. That is what second base is all about!

Base #3

So you’ve risked it all and made a break for third, have you? Well, you are certainly in for a treat! Third base is when the action really gets exciting. You will experience more passion than previously before. You will also find that the touching no longer secludes itself to one specific place on either of your bodies. Instead you find your hands, or theirs, trailing down to below the waist into, what we like to call, the ‘naughty zone’. Where your naughty bits lay. A.k.a your baby maker areas.

What kind of touching should you expect when you reach third base?

Very inappropriate, but hopefully enjoyable touching! Such as stimulating the vagina or the penis.

Third base also is the base where you two might explore doing oral with one another. Oral sex is something done often after you reach this level of intimacy. This act is either called ‘giving a guy a blow job’ or ‘eating a woman out’.

Base #4

When you get here, you could say that you have knocked it out of the park! Oh yes, the famous ‘home run’ that we mentioned previously! Told you we’d get to it, didn’t we? Good on you for being patient, because now you are finally here. Base number four is the final base in this whole ordeal and the farthest that you can physically go when getting intimate with another person.

So what is it?

A home run means that you finally have sexual intercourse with someone. This means full on penetration.

Of course, you will probably do all the other bases first. Doing that would be called ‘foreplay’. Otherwise known as getting the engines warmed up before shifting into drive and putting metal to the pedal!

We recommend doing the other bases before you jump into fourth base. It’s not something that most people take lightly and can be very personal.

It’s best to test out how the two of you fit together intimately before going straight for the ‘home run’.

Think of the previous bases as testing the waters and getting you heated up for the final base.

Remember that before you do any of these with anyone, you should get their permission before proceeding. Or ensure that they get yours. You can make things very awkward if you do not, because it may not be something that they actually want to do with you.

Usually you will know because the two of you will discuss it beforehand.

This is especially going to be something you want to get permission for, from both parties, if one of you is a virgin. Losing your virginity is a big deal! And so it should be treated as such.

Make sure that each base is up to your standards, because if you are a virgin, you may not want to ditch that V-card with someone that you find to be an atrocious kisser.

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