15 Great Make Out Tips

Making out with someone can be nerve wracking, but it definitely doesn’t have to be! Everything can be smooth sailing. However, you might need a little help getting started! And that’s okay, because we have 15 great make out tips for you to help you have the best make-out session you have ever had!

Take It Slow… Very Slowly

We know that making out is super exciting, but don’t get too excited. Going too fast at first can throw the whole thing completely off. It leads to mistakes, teeth mashing and awkwardness all around. No one wants to deal with those kind of things when it comes to a very sexy make out sesh, right? So take it easy! They’re not going anywhere and neither are you. Especially if the two of you enjoy making out with each other. Obviously you will be really excited, so it’s very important to pace yourself. You know what they say: Slow and steady wins the race!

Then Speed It Up!

Although you will want to take it steady in the beginning, don’t keep it too slow the entire time that you are making out with your chosen partner. At some point you will want to quicken things up to make it feel even more exciting and build even more sexual tension between you. Once a fair amount of time has passed you can start getting a little rougher with them. Get as passionate as you possibly can!

Freshen Up

Remember that no one wants to make-out with someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. Ensure that your teeth were brushed before you dive right into the make-out session. Don’t have time to go home and brush those pearly whites? No problem! Just remember to keep an emergency pack of gum on you (whether in your car or somewhere else you can stash it) or some mints. Even breath spray would be okay! Try your best to make your mouth the most appealing place you can. This makes for a great time making out for both of you. No one likes stinky breath, right? We don’t think so.

Take Care Of Your Lips Beforehand

Just like you should take care of your teeth and mouth before you get hot and heavy, you also need to make sure that you take care of your lips. Lip balm is a great way to shiny up those lips and make them make-out ready on the spot. You can also try exfoliating your lips if you have time. How do you do that? Easy peasy lemon squeezey friend! All you have to do is wet your lips with some water and then scrub them with a clean toothbrush for about thirty seconds. Afterwards you should pat your lips dry with a paper towel, for sanitary reasons, and then apply lip balm to increase softness. This is recommended to do even if you don’t have a hot date coming up as it gets all of the dead skin off of your lips. Voila! You will now have soft, subtle, very kissable lips to use for making out.

Don’t Stay In One Spot

Making out doesn’t have to be all about your lips. The nice about making out with someone is that is leads to other types of intimacy. You can use your lips to kiss your make-out partner’s neck, as well as their collarbone. Use your lips all over. Not just in one single place. You don’t want to whole thing to get utterly boring, do you? If you are feeling friskier than usual, you can even go as far as to trail down to their chest. This increases excitement and strengthens your intimate bond with whomever you’ve chosen to do this with.

Touch, touch and touch some more!

Feel free to go outside of the box and use your hands. Yup! You read that right! You should be using your hands. Not in a dirty way… Unless that is what you are aiming for! But more in a way where you should be grabbing your partner’s hair and cradling the back of their neck. Use your hands to caress them in every way you can to make it a little more intense and enjoyable. This leads to a lot more sensuality in your making out. Talk about heating things up!

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Tongue

Of course that does not mean to go overboard and start slobbering all over them. You should definitely take it easy on the tongue. But it is recommended to use a little bit of tongue to make it a little more heated up than before.

And Don’t Be Afraid To Use Teeth Either

However, be very careful using your teeth! You don’t want to be bumping teeth together that’s for sure! That would only make things awkward and uncomfortable. But you can use your teeth by biting your partners lips gently while the two of you are in the throes of makeout passion! This increases sexual chemistry and gets you two feeling even more passionate about each other.

You should even have a little sucking action going on in there by sucking your partner’s lips very carefully. You don’t want to cause them any pain, but you definitely want to increase their blood pressure by arousing them even further. Sucking on their lips lightly will definitely let you accomplish that!

Make Eye Contact

It’s important to remember when making eye contact is a good idea. Obviously staring at them while the two of you are making out is a bad idea, because you come off as creepy. We all know that opening your eyes in a make-out sesh and seeing your partner’s eyes open freaks us out a bit. However, it’s a great idea to make eye contact beforehand and after. You should also be making a strong eye connection when you two are taking a minute to breath.

That’s right! Don’t forget to come up for air at certain points. Your lips will definitely get tired and raw if you make out continuously for a long period of time. So take breaks every now and again. And when you do take a break, make sure you do not forge the ever so important eye contact!

Remain Confident

You know what is super sexy and never goes out of style? Confidence. Being confident is the ultimate key to having a great time making out with someone. You need to keep your self esteem high or everything else will always fall flat when it comes to being intimate.

Your partner will enjoy your confidence and it will make you appear even more attractive to them.

Everyone likes someone who knows what they are doing! Or at least pretends they know what they are doing.

Use Your Flirting Skills

What’s even more important than the part where you make out? Glad you asked! It’s actually crucial to build some tension prior to getting your lips interlock. Teasing your partner by flirting with them before you start and during its very important! You cannot have a good time making out with someone if you do not flirt with them first. It just seems crass to jump right in without building any sexual chemistry between the two of you.

So use the best flirting tactics you have to turn them on and get things really heated!

Find The Right Atmosphere

Using your body properly during is great, but it’s also great to pick the right atmosphere when you start making out. Don’t pick somewhere that other people will be around you. You want to keep yourselves secluded for a feeling of privacy. You also want to pick somewhere with a romantic vibe. Or you could just pick somewhere super comfy! That way you don’t end up wanting to move too much during the make-out session.

The wrong type of atmosphere can make for a very bad time.

Don’t Overthink It

Try not to think too hard when you do this! Keep yourself calm and collected. Over Thinking can lead to mistakes and a messy situation. It can also make you uncomfortable and lead you to think about other things. Your partner will be able to sense that your mind is elsewhere and this will make it uncomfortable for both of you.

Use Your Voice

We don’t mean start yelling at them by any means. But it doesn’t help to moan a little bit every now and then to let your kissing pal know that you like what’s happening. This will turn them on. It’s nice to know that when you are making out with someone you’re kissing is pleasing them. It creates more sexual tension and passion all at once!

Follow Their Lead

Mind your partner’s body language. This is a priority when it comes to having a great make-out session. You want to follow their lead and move where they move. This ensure that the both of you are in sync. It also allows for things to move smoothly and leads to less messing up. Your partner not taking the lead very well? Make sure then that they follow your lead instead!

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