How to See a Friend Naked

Well, I take it that you haven’t told your friend that you’re into them quite yet. They’re hot and you can’t help yourself, you’re curious. I get it. You don’t necessarily want to ask to see them naked but you just want to catch a glimpse of what they’re packing underneath their clothes. Maybe it’s their cleavage that you’re obsessed about or your friend’s package when he comes out of the swimming pool. Though these small moments are cute and all, you’re tired of imagining what’s underneath their clothes, you just want to see what’s there already! Okay, okay, I get your point.

Listen, you don’t have to be a creep, instead, you can find other ways to catch a sneak peek without having them think you’re a perv or trying to make a move on them. We’re curious beings, I get it. So, here are some ways to see a naked friend in a non-obvious way. Now, you’ll have some creative ways to feed your curiosity.

Play Truth or Dare

How can you not love playing a good ol’ game of truth or dare? This is the one game where you’re allowed to push the boundaries and not look like a weirdo by doing it. So, all you have to do is find the opportunity to play truth or dare. Whether it’s making out with someone or seeing them naked, you can pretty much go wild when it comes to this game. Of course, just remember you’re going to have to play as well, so be ready for whatever. If you can think of some good questions, have some drinks and good people around you, this will be one hell of a game you won’t want to miss out on.

Go Skinny Dipping

Ah yes, this is a classic one you definitely need to try out. If you’re spending your day at the lake or along the riverside in a secluded area, well, why not go skinny dipping? Everyone will be stripped down and it’s a great way to catch a peek of everyone naked. It’s not hard to initiate either, you just have to be around a fun group of friends that love to try new things. Once you have everyone convinced, then you’ll have everyone dropping their pants around you and jumping in.

Be Naked Yourself

Okay, you can’t just walk into their room completely naked, that’s not what I meant. But if you’re in the gym changing room together or at the beach and need to get changed, just do it. If you want someone to strip down in front of you, you need to lead by example and show them that you’re comfortable. I mean, if you’re not comfortable how do you expect them to feel being naked in front of you? Changing in front of them is one way that shows them you don’t care. Of course, there’s a time and place for this. Don’t start taking off your clothes in the middle of a movie or something – that’s not going to achieve anything. It has to flow into what you’re doing right now so it won’t be obvious.

Take a provocative class together

Maybe you two always wanted to try pole dancing or hot yoga – in both these cases, you’re going to have to strip down to your bare minimum. They’ll get a chance to check you out while you’re half-naked and you’ll get a chance to look at their goods as well. You can send each other photos of how you look as well.

Don’t use hidden cameras

This is something that crosses the line. You do not understand any circumstances want to use spy cams in order to catch a glimpse of them naked. Of course, it’s easy to see someone naked this way but is this something you truly want to do? First of all, it’s highly illegal and wrong and secondly, you’re violating their personal space. You’re not going to tell them that you did this, you’re going to hide it from them and they’re going to have no knowledge about it – that’s wrong. If you think that this is a good idea, then you should definitely consult a therapist.

Wait for them to flash you

Eventually, everyone goes through a wardrobe malfunction and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to see it when it happens. If you’re going out with them and they’re wearing something a little risky, make sure you keep your eyes on them because you may have your chance to see what you’ve always wanted to see. It’s not the best or fastest option but it’s something you should be doing while looking for other ways to catch a glimpse of them.

Don’t go through their things without their permission

If their phone is just lying around, don’t start creeping through their photos, this isn’t right. Remember, this isn’t something you want to do. If you want to see a photo on their phone you can ask them what’s the naughtiness or riskiest photo they’re ever sent to someone. Allow them to make the choice to show you their personal belongings. If not, it’s not going to be a good scene when they catch you going through their phone. No one likes that, absolutely no one.

Go on Chat-roulette together

Everyone loves going on Chat-roulette with their friends. It’s a website that allows you to see other people from around the world on camera, which are mostly naked. Of course, not everyone is naked but the odds are you’ll be seeing a lot of nudity. You can play this game with your friends and start to fool around with each other. Who knows what you’ll end up doing with your friends on webcam together. Of course, it depends on your friend and how comfortable they are with you. But if things go smoothly, you may be making out or having a feel up session with your friend.

Stare at them

But not in a creepy way, that’s important. When you spend your time looking around, you’ll notice how many people are revealing parts of their body to you. Whether they’re wearing booty shorts or going shirtless, you’ll be able to see a lot of things just by keeping your eyes open. So, when in doubt, stare.

For us to see a friend naked, we assume that we have to go to great lengths in order to make it happen. But that’s not the case. Usually, you just need to catch the right moment and also be willing to strip down. Whether it’s truth or dare or skinny dipping, there are plenty of casual ways to feed your curiosity. What you need to make sure is that you’re not creepy about it. That way, it’ll go smoothly and your curiosity will finally be answered.

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