What Does It Mean When a Guy Kisses Your Ear?

You are out on a date, and it seems like everything is going well. The guy you are with kisses your ear, and now you are wondering what it means. Depending on the circumstances, there are a number of reasons why he would do this. While there are general meanings behind different kinds of kisses, different people will do things for different reasons. He might have had a girlfriend who absolutely loved it before, he might be too shy to try to make out with you, or he may be trying to turn you on. To figure out what it means exactly, you have to look at everything he did, how he acts and the exact circumstance.

The most obvious reason why a guy kisses your ear is because he thinks that you like it! Ears are thought to be a major erogenous zone, so he may be trying to pleasure you and make you happy. The ears have many nerve endings, so a number of women like it. If you don’t like it, you may want to just tell him the types of kisses that you do like. If you do like ear kisses, then show it and encourage him to keep doing it!

When a guy is dating someone, his biggest goal is to give her pleasure. He wants his date to like him and feel attracted to him. Kisses are used to take the relationship a step further and to pleasure you. Most likely, he is trying to show his affection and romantic attraction to you. You can basically guarantee that he is already attracted to you. There is no guarantee that he wants more than a fling, but an ear kiss is certainly a sign that he at least finds you to be physically attractive.

The Earlobe Kiss

There is something inherently sensual about the ears. To even kiss your ear, the guy has to nestle through your hair and discover the earlobe buried within it. While everyone can see your lips, your ears are slightly hidden away. Plus, your ears are an erogenous zone. All of these things make the ears an extremely sensuous zone on your body. Kissing the ears helps to heighten passion and show that the guy is interested in taking things a step further. It might be just a kiss, or it might involve gentle tugs on the lobe or tongue action.

Different Kiss Meanings

Other than the earlobe kiss, there are a number of different kissing options that your guy has available. He may kiss you on the lips, kiss your hand or sensually make out with you. While the real meaning varies between different individuals, here are some of the general meanings for these different kisses.

Kiss on the Lips: This is a very common type of kiss. It generally means “I love you” or expresses passion. If it is just a quick peck, it might just be a sign of friendship. To figure out the real meaning, you have to consider the situation and the intensity of the kiss.

Kiss on the Hands: This is a kind of kiss that can express tenderness or admiration. The kisser may also be afraid of taking things a step further, so it may indicate a desire for love.
Kiss on the cheek: transmits affection, support and complicity, regardless of physical attraction.

Kiss on the Collarbone: This is a kiss that requires a heightened level of intimacy. It is erotic and seductive. You might not be in the bedroom yet, but he certainly wishes that you were there already!

A Kiss and a Hug: This type of kiss brings your bodies together. It may be an expression of sexual desire or mutual surrender. At the very least, it shows a strong level of affection.

Kiss on the Ears: As we mentioned before, this is often a kiss that shows a sexual intention and sensuality. Depending on how it is done, it may show a bit of mischief and fun. It all depends on the attitude of the kiss. Is it imbued with playfulness or sensuality? You decide.

Kiss on the Forehead: This is often a kiss done between friends and family members to show affection. If the guy likes you, it shows that he wants a physical connection, but is still too afraid to make a more major move in that direction.

Peck on the Cheek: In Europe, this is often used like handshake to greet someone. If it happens in the United States or elsewhere, it might be just a greeting or it might show some level of affection.

Lip Lock Kisses: The single-lip lock is where you really kiss. You might have the lip of your partner between your lips. This type of kiss generally shows a desire for a greater intimacy.

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