10 Tips to Control High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a disorder in which the pressure in the arteries is too high. Medical term of high blood pressure is Hypertension. Hypertension can be controlled by proper medication and with healthy diet. But there are more ways to control high blood pressure or hypertension.

What is Hypertension or High Blood Pressure?

The heart pumps blood through the arteries to the rest of the body. When the force of blood against the artery walls gets too strong over the time, it is called High Blood pressure or Hypertension (in medical term). A normal level of blood pressure should be 120/80 mmHg. Where 120 represents Systolic measurement and 80 represents the diastolic measurement. Hypertension can cause damage to arteries and may lead to heart attack, stroke, heart failure, aneurysm, or renal failure.

Causes of Hypertension

There are several reasons for causing Hypertension- such as smoking, obesity, diabetes, stress and aging. But this is not all. Hypertension can develop because of sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity, Vitamin D deficiency, high levels of alcohol consumption and by having a family history of hypertension. Eating too much salt can also leads to hypertension.

But high blood pressure or hypertension can be controlled by making some changes in the lifestyle. Though it s important to have good medication but lifestyle plays an important role for controlling high blood pressure. With the healthy lifestyle, a hypertension patient can avoid or reduce the need for medication.

Here are the Top 10 Tips to control the high blood pressure:

  • Controlling the Weight: Being over-weight or obese can lead to high blood pressure. You should know what your weight should be and reduce your weight if you are becoming overweight. Remember, blood pressure normally increases when weight increases. So, check out your weight if you think you are over-weight.
  • Exercise: You know the benefits of exercise. It is the best way to make your body fit. In the case of hypertension, it is very important you exercise regularly. A good 45 minutes of exercise can lower your blood pressure. To control high blood pressure it is extremely important be physically active. Talk to your doctor about what exercise you should do as your doctor is the best person to determine your exercise routine.
  • Eat Healthy Diet: Eating a healthy diet of whole grains, fruits and green vegetables is necessary. Include more fruits and high fiber fruits in your diet. Potassium is good for you to control high blood pressure as it lessens the effects of sodium. Consult with your doctor about the Potassium level that is best for you.
  • Reduce Salt Intake: This is because of reducing Sodium from your diet. Common salt is Sodium Chloride and it increases the blood pressure. Avoid eating processed foods because these foods are generally high in Sodium. Eat more fresh vegetables, fruits and unprocessed foods.
  • Do Not Smoke: Avoid all tobacco products. Nicotine in cigarette or any other tobacco products can fraise your blood pressure. Do you know smoking through out the day means your blood pressure remains constantly high? Adding to that, chemicals in tobacco damage your arteries. Also, be careful of passive smoking.
  • Limit Alcohol Consumption: Drinking alcohol moderately sometimes helps you. But if you consume alcohol excessively or more than moderate amounts than it can raise your blood pressure. Not only that too much alcohol consumption
  • Avoid Caffeine: It is said the caffeine increase the blood pressure level. Studies showed that regular consumption of caffeine increases the blood pressure.
  • Reduce Stress:  Stress and anxiety are not good for health. Study showed stress and anxiety increases blood pressure. So know the tips of reducing stress and take control of it. Tension and anxiety can damage your heart and increase you blood pressure.
  • Be Happy And Take Care of Your Health: It is important that you remain happy and tension free. Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat healthier foods. If you have high blood pressure then change your lifestyle. Be more disciplined and follow your doctor’s advice seriously.
  • Check Your Blood Pressure Regularly: Check your blood pressure on regular intervals. Consult with your doctor and follow his advice. Remember, this is very important. If may not like to visit to your doctor frequently but if you do then your blood pressure will be under control.

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