ARE There Really Rocks in OUR Heads

When someone asks you if you have rocks in your head, implying you have no brain or at the least aren’t thinking rationally, just nod and say yes, you know and that you are glad of them…Here is why. Read more.

Are There Really Rocks In Our Heads

I remember when I was growing up of my father giving me one of his infamous looks of disgust and ask me if I had “rocks in my head,” implying I had no brain or if I had one at all I didn’t use it often.  He had a point, at least to some degree.  I could be very stubborn in my way of thinking and I often acted or spoke out of turn and without thinking about what the consequences might be.  More often than not I regretted it and occasionally questioned as to whether he might be right; maybe I did have a rock or two in my head.

Truth is, we do, all of us do; well maybe not boulders or a bunch of fist size rocks but we do have a few stones in our head.  No kidding aside.  Without them we would not be able to keep our balance and we would tumble and wobble around like a child’s Weeble *doll or maybe the proverbial “drunken sailor.”

These “rocks in our head” are really very tiny stones that float freely in the fluid filled canals behind our eardrum.  It is these free-floating stones that give us our sense of balance.  When something goes wrong and they can no longer float freely, we teeter, totter, weave and wobble all over the place.  We can more easily fall and get seriously injured.  It can make you appear to be drunk on alcohol even if you have never touched a drop of alcoholic beverage in your life.  When the ear drum or the middle ear is infected or damaged in some way these tiny stones get all jumbled up and can’t do their job.  They send mixed signals to the brain and there we go, stumbling and weaving and wobbling all over the place appearing to be drunk as a skunk without ever having swallowed a single shot of liquor, mug of beer or glass of wine.  It can be a very serious condition that may even become a debilitating permanent condition but is usually curable and short lived and vertigo to any degree at the very least cause a few embarrassing moments.   These stones (our rocks in our heads) act much like a gyroscope and when our inner gyroscope can no longer function properly we wobble, we feel dizzy and we cannot focus or function properly.

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