I have studied cancer since age 9…here are some of my findings.

I am not going to throw piles of statistics at you.  These are just some undeniable (to me) facts about cancer.

1)  Cancer is the body’s “self-destruct” mechanism-  a means to an end when too many emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical wounds compound each other.

2)  It is a disease that is created by the sufferer’s state of being out-of-balance for too long a time.

3)  Cancer is curable.

4)  A major factor in curing cancer is the pH of the body.

5)  Cancer LOVES an acidic pH. Stress causes the body to become more acidic. So, relax!

6)  Cancer Can Not Survive in a alkaline pH.  (And neither can most bacteria and viruses)

 7)  To begin your own cure, take control of your own body, thoughts, and spiritual well-being.

8)  Reduce the pH of the body.  There are many ways to do this through diet, and natural means.

– eat like a rabbit and squirrel

– measure urine pH by use of testing strips and try to stay above acidity of the urine

– Baking soda is a great way to swing pH to alkali

9)  GET COUNSELING!  Dealing with past and present emotional wounds is like rocket fuel for a cure.

10)  DO NOT think “I am dying of cancer.”  Instead, adapt the mantra of “I am living with cancer until it


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