People in India have been using many spices for religious purpose, some of them may know but some may not know that such spices they use, have substances able to prevent and fight cancer cells, to the point that even some actually can reduce the size of tumors. In this article, there´s some useful information which can help many people.

It is known that India is a country full of uniqueness and misteries but there´s something that didn´t remain a mistery for the world for too long , it is the fact of some spices that indians use , capable of preventing and fighting cancer cells . Such spices have substances which affect cancer cells , retarding their growth and even stopping them from affecting healthy cells . Here are some of the powerful spices you should consider start using:

. Turmeric or Curcumin , studies have showed that this spice contains polyphenol curcumin , substance capable of retarding growth of cancer cells that cause several diseases such as breast cancer ; prostate cancer ; melanoma ; leukemia ; brain tumor and many others . It´s power is basically because of one particular event that it causes , it´s scientific name is apoptosis , it means when a cell autoprograms itself to die , in this case cancer cells are programmed to die without having any effect on healthy cells , that is basically what radiotherapy and chemotherapy do but generating side effects which do not exist with the consumption of curcumin .

. Saffron , it´s a carotenoid that contains Crocetin , it is capable of inhabiting the progression of cancer and also has the incredible power of reducing the size tumors considerably . It was first cultivated by ancient Greece but now it´s main production occurs in Iran but it grows in several places around the world , including  the US and some countries in Europe , besides India .

Cumin , the seeds of cumin contain Thymoquinone that is responsible for checking proliferation of prostate cancer cells and indusing apoptoses of such unhealthy cells , it also boosts the body´s defense system . Cancer cells tend to form blood vessels as they grow , through a process called Angiogenesis , by being rich in Thymoquinone , Cumin has the capability of blocking angiogenesis event and so having a positive effect on the body agaisn´t cancer .

. Ginger , some doctors suggest that patients undergoing chemotherapy start consuming ginger but what they may not say is that ginger itself has more power to fight cancer than chemotherapy or radiotherapy does . Studies have showed that in the presence of ginger , cancer cells go through apoptoses but not only that , they actually start attacking each other , process called autophagy . Ginger is a powerful weapon agaisn´t many types of cancer , specially prostate cancer and ovarian cancer .

The cure for everything can be found in nature , unfortunately not everything is easy to find or cheap to buy but when going through a serious disease such as cancer , it is worth spending your energy and money in order to have some powerful products of nature which were created for more purposes than just add a taste to food .

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