Sapodilla, The Sweet Nutritious

Behind the sweet taste, it saved a lot of properties in Sapodilla. Gum fruit and leaves, can be used as a diarrhea remedy. In addition, the resin can be used for mixed sugars.

Prescriptions for diarrhea:

1. Use approximately 15 drops of sap young fruit, then brewed with 1/2 cup of hot boiled water. Results steeping drink as well.

2. Take one young Sapodilla fruit, wash thoroughly. Then grated, then squeezed and filtered. If necessary, add a little lukewarm water. Furthermore drunk, 2 times a day.

3. Provide a leaf bowl Sawo, then chopped in two cups water for 15 minutes. Cooking water, then drink three times a day.

Recipe for inflammation of the mouth:

Take a leaf bowl Sawo. Then chopped in 2 cups water, for 10 minutes. Use water to rinse the stew.

Recipe for dysentery:

Take eight young Sapodilla fruit, wash clean. Chew-chew fine with salt to taste. Little by little swallow, then drink warm water. Apply 2 times a day until healed.

Based on research, the leaves and stem Sapodilla fact contain falvonoida. In addition it also contains saponins leaves and stems also contain tannins. These substances are taking an important role in curing the diseases above.

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