The Paradox of Love

Love encapsulates all that is human, and hence love is life and more than just a subset of human love life. Indeed, love is everything, confirms Ayub Chege in an exposure of the universality of love.

The balance of love

On a much higher scale, it is inferred that God is love. To delve into that, it is important first to consider how universal love may be expressed. Going back to the origin of life, there was no form be it from the creationist or the evolutionary theories. But by a higher force, matter came to being and from that emanated life. And man is the highest form of that life as epitomised in his ability to productivity and governance of nature. Man has indeed been fruitful, multiplicative as well as dominating the earth.

And how has man fared love-wise? It is by devising love as a digital broad spectrum rather than an analogue parameter. By defining many aspects of love ranging from man’s attempt at reciprocal love for his Creator through love of family and friend to love of material and acquisitions, love becomes an item that can be graded.

Spirituality exhorts man to accept God’s love freely as the only let. For indeed, there is none greater love than One giving up His only begotten Son to atone for the sins of another. Even those without a faith are bound to some illumination that there is more to life than is the basal they perceive, and that can only be hinged on a much higher force that holds life in a balance. Once awareness of the infinite organisation of life, it becomes all too clear that there is a force much higher than us. And thus, man is able to express love for closer kin and kith.

The tragedy of love

Man is set to find love everywhere. Indeed, it is natural for man to love. Eros is universally accepted between members of opposite sex, but there has been a growing understanding of and acceptance of love between members of the same sex. Today, gay and lesbian relationships are recognised even by law.

With such free flow of love, it is obvious that expression of love is in infinite grades and tastes. Rare would be a union of two where the mutual love of each other is equal; in other words, there is a directional flow of love between any two individuals. It is somewhere expressed that a woman needs five male loves: husband’s, financier’s, admirer’s, confessor’s, and friend’s. But of a man, love is there for every available woman.

As a consequence, love is a very labile aspect of life, mutating regularly with time as well as with prevailing conditions. In the process, sharing love shifts to the driving seat and the outcome is that A loves B who loves C who loves… D or A.

The price of love

Love is freely given, yet love has become a very costly commodity. Indeed, it is often heard that men determine how much a woman loves them if the woman is willing to indulge in the man’s vanity and especially in sex. And that, to many, is the litmus test. Of the women, many are those caught in the spotlight of material gains from love. The value of presents conferred is oft used as the indicator of love. And when there has to be a competitive bid to win love, the original aspect of freely given love is completely lost.

Love is contagious and thus impossible to fend off. Manipulation can thus lead to a very costly game as love is sort. And woe unto those who find love in their old age for they have effectively suffered their measles in old age. And with all the experience and contacts, love becomes extremely labile and explosive.

And yet, the price of love was equated to sacrificing life on the cross when Christ died for the sins of mankind. There is never such a cost, because finally the price of love has been made… free.

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