Where Did Peanut Butter Allergies Come From?

Before 1900 There Was no Such Thing as Peanut Allergies.

When I was a kid peanut butter was a staple in our house, peanut butter and jam sandwich’s, peanut butter cookies my favourite, etc. When my kids were little we had no problem with peanut allergies. I started to hear about them about 20 years ago. Later I worked with a girl that was so allergic if her husband ate candy with nuts and kissed her she would swell up. Once she almost died from eating a cake that unknowingly was made with nuts. Now it is a childhood epidemic and children can’t bring peanut butter or nuts in any form to Canadian schools and summer camps. What happened? Vaccinations happened more and more as the years have gone by. Injections cause allergies. How? Oil is used in antibiotics and vaccinations to make them longer lasting or more effective. Peanut oil is the oil of choice. Protein is meant to enter the body through the digestive system, not the bloodstream as it must be broken down. With injections the protein remaining in the oil causes a reaction and later with cause a allergy to most that have been exposed to this. Many people acquire a allergy to penicillin for the same reason.

This is the reason they give these injections in the muscle (intramuscular) rather than the veins (intravenously).

This state that peanut allergies were precipitated by childhood injections. I hope you think about the ingredients in yours and your children’s vaccinations and consider all the risks.  In rare cases people that haven’t received any vaccinations have developed nut allergies although none were reported before the 1900’s. Thankfully there are medications available for allergic reactions. ( check with your Doctor)

Not to make like of those that suffer from this affliction but for those who can eat nuts this is a delicious food and form of protein.

This has given me a craving for my favourite cookie and easy to make a three ingredient recipe;

I cup of sugar, 1cup of peanut butter and 1 fresh egg, beat this together, drop with a spoon on to a ungreased cookie sheet bake in a preheated oven for 12- 15 minutes 350 degrees and let cool. I am making some now.

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