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Cute Things To Do While Cuddling

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Cute Things To Do While Cuddling

Let’s face it, sometimes the mood does not always strike but we still want to get intimate. In this case, cuddling is the way to go. There is no denying that everyone loves to do it. And yes, that includes men. They especially love to cuddle if it is with someone they love or like. There is not better way to get physically close to someone without having to get sexual. Instead of just laying there with one another, here are some cute things to do while embracing one another.

how to cuddle with your girlfriend

1. Finger trace each other

Tracing each other is such a sweet moment to have with one another. It might sound strange to have someone else’s finger all over your face but it is an intimate moment. This is the time where each of you are able to really look at each other and feel each of your presence’s. It will be like molding a statue but the piece is already completed and it could not be any more perfect.

If you want to get playful, as he traces your lips, you can gently bite his finger.

2. Give each other butterfly kisses

We all know French kissing can lead to sex and that is not the goal here. Butterfly kisses are the perfect chance to get closer to each other without the sexual tension building up. These are the types of kisses he will always remember because it is barely done nowadays! Everyone always goes for kisses that end up with sex.

Here, you have to get close enough to your man’s face where your lashes touch his skin. These kisses are usually done on his cheek. Once you feel that you care close enough, flutter your eyes lashes on his skin. His face will instantly light up with a big smile.

3. Caress each other

There is nothing wrong with caressing and massaging one another. It might seem like something that will lead to sex but it won’t! If anything, it might have your partner falling asleep. You can gentle massage his back and shoulders.

Scratching is always nice too. That might sound strange but having your arm or back scratched feels like heaven, so why not give your partner that amazing feeling?

4. Do the belly cuddle

how to cuddle with a guy

If you see your man lying down by himself, this is the perfect chance to belly cuddle with him. It is where you are between his legs and rest your head on his stomach. You can also move up and put your head on his chest. Here, you can hear his heart beating which is super romantic. This is without a doubt the cutest types of cuddles there are.

5. Whisper cute nothings to each other

While you two rest next to each other, there is nothing better than letting each other know how you feel. Many times, couples think that the honeymoon phase should last just a few months but that is completely false! There is never a wrong time to reaffirm each other’s feelings for each other and what better way to do it than while cuddling.

No matter how you are cuddled with one another, whispering how much you appreciate them will always keep the fire strong between you two.

6. Try sporking

Sporking can be done two ways. You can either lay on your back and let him come close to you, just like in a regular spooning position. Or you both could be facing one another and intertwine in each other’s body’s. Regardless, this is the perfect cuddle position where you get to give each other sweet kisses unlike in regular spooning.

7. Do the recline cuddle

what to do when cuddling

This is the one men go crazy for so if you want to be extra considerate, recline cuddling is the way to go. You will have your “lap” area open for him to settle himself onto you, similar to as if you are a chair. He then slowly rest his back amongst your between your chest and lower body, right in the middle area. Here, you can give him a shoulder massage or just cuddle up with him and give him small kisses on the top of his head.

8. Brush each other’s hair

things to do while cuddling

You do not literally have to brush each other’s hair while cuddling so keep the brush away. What we mean is brush each other’s hair with your fingers. There is nothing more relaxing than having someone play with your hair. It will instantly have you sleeping no matter where you are.

This is something that can be done in any cuddling positions which is great. You can either brush your man’s hair in the reclined cuddling position or the sporking position. As for your man, he can brush you hair as you rest on his chest or in the normal spooning position.

Things To Be Wary Of

1. The Dead Arm

It is understandable that most of the time, women usually get the nice perspective when it comes to cuddling. Women are the ones being cuddled instead of actually doing the cuddling. With that, one must be considerate of their man and how comfortable he is.

The worst thing you can do to your man is leave him with a dead arm. That means, sleeping on it and making his arm lose blood circulation. He will wake up with pins and needles on his arm which is not the most pleasant feeling.

2. Squeezing too Tight

Cuddling is meant to be intimate but that does not mean that you should trap your partner in your arms. It is important for both partners to be comfortable and it should not feel like one of you are being squeezed by a snake.

3. Face-to-face Breathing

This is mainly directed if both of you decide to spork. When sporking, both of you are face-to-face with one another and if it is not done correctly, it can be an unpleasant experience. A certain amount of space must be give to one another, especially to breathe. You do not want to be directly in each other’s faces so make sure one of you is just a eye-level with your partner’s chin. The woman usually takes this role. With that, both of you are not breathing in each other’s faces.

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