Eczema Treatment with Cinnamon Honey

Looking for a natural eczema treatment? Eczema is a persistent inflammation of the outer layer of skin. It usually appears in childhood and may be a permanent problem. Affected areas are often itchy and appear as tiny flakes, red and shiny.

Unlike fungal infections, eczema is not contagious and is not caused by external factors. The root cause of this condition is an immune system more reactive. Some people are genetically disposed to developing eczema. The most common form of eczema in children is atopic dermatitis, which affects the skin at the joints. For adults, itchy patches tend to appear on the palms and soles. Eczema is classified as mild, moderate and severe, where the skin can be scaly, flaky, red, raw, wet and fluid discharge. Sometimes the skin can lead first to a bacterial infection. The condition can be aggravated by exposure to environmental factors such as dust, heat and sunlight. Sweat is also a common aggravating factor. There is a limit to the activities that people with eczema can participate, such as sports and other outdoor activities. A diet of whole, unprocessed foods, fresh juices, raw fruits and vegetables, seeds and grains, and plenty of water is recommended for patients with eczema. Not too much junk food, sweets and candies.

Treating eczema is to identify factors that aggravate the situation and avoid these triggers. Topical medication is also used to control inflammation. This includes moisturizers to counter drought, cortisone tablets and creams containing steroids. Here is a popular recipe to treat eczema with honey.

Natural Recipes for Treating Eczema Include:

1. Applying honey and cinnamon powder in equal parts on affected parts.

2. Squeeze half a lime and mix with a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water. Take it, first thing in the morning for a few weeks or until symptoms subside.

3. Take one to two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with one teaspoon of honey in a glass of water three times daily with meals.

Scientists have discovered that Manuka Honey contains healing properties of exceptional power. Honey not only heals the damaged skin in extremely serious cases of eczema, eliminate dry botches, but it also has the ability to regenerate new skin growth. In addition, Manuka Honey is also strong antibacterial properties that help prevent infection when the protective barrier of skin is destroyed.