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Gay Wolf: The Ultimate Guide


Gay Wolf: The Ultimate Guide

The gay wolf is a subcategory of the overall bear group. In the gay community, bears are typically hairier, larger guys. Wolves tend to be semi-hairy or hairy as well. Unlike bears, they tend to be more on the lean, medium-build side of the scale. The stereotype is that gay wolves are especially dominant and sexually aggressive. Like bears, they tend to have facial hair—or, at least, a good capacity for growing some. They are attractive, muscular and dominant.

What Is a Gay Wolf?

This is one of the most cherished and well-loved groups within the gay community. Your dreamy wolf is physically striking and known for having a magnetic sexual attractive. Strong and cunning, they are deceptively beautiful.

In terms of physique, your gay wolf will typically be muscular and lean. Instead of being a body builder though, he is more likely to have a ripped, well-toned physique. He will most likely have facial hair, torso hair and chest hair. While age can vary a little, he will generally be in his mid-twenties to the later years of adulthood. Sometimes, he can shape-shift between subcategories like gay otters, wolves, DILFS and muscle bears.

Unlike some gay stereotypes, your wolf can be of any race or ethnicity. He is typically considered a more assertive, masculine figure. While he could be a bottom or a top, he will generally be quite assertive in the bedroom. Since a guy’s hair tends to turn white as he ages, an older wolf is known as a gray wolf.

Facial Characteristics of the Gay Wolf

Facially, there are a number of stereotypes associated with the gay wolf. His face tends to have some definition since he has a leaner than average body type. His angular face almost always has facial hair on it. This can be in the form of a long beard, a goatee, a five o’clock shadow or a short beard. While someone could theoretically be a gay wolf without any facial hair, it is far more common to see facial hair on your average wolf. The good news? Studies show that these fellas are considered more attractive with facial hair than they are smooth-faced.

The Body Characteristics of the Gay Wolf

Like any gay stereotypes, there are always times when the stereotype is not true. In the case of gay wolves, the general rule of thumb is that the guy has to be lean, muscular and toned. He will have different levels of hair on his torso. If his torso is hairless, it is a result of manscaping and not nature.

Your gay wolf will generally have a flat stomach and may have a six-pack. You can expect to find visible back muscles, a slim waistline and a slender butt. In some cases, he might have a bubble but. In addition to having athletic legs, he will have fairly muscular tricep, chest and bicep muscles. There are a number of wolves who also identify as jocks. To find out more about gay jocks, make sure to check out our guide on the topic.

The Creation of the Gay Wolf

While the original term seems to have started in the 1970s, wolf was not a common label in the LGBTQ community until the 1980s. The most likely start of the term was probably an Advocate article by George Mazzei. Written in 1979, it was called, “Who’s in the Zoo?” It went over different zoo animals and how they resembled different guys in the gay community. Most likely, the wolf label emerged as a subset of the bear label. Bears are hairy and large. Wolves are hairy, but more defined and thin.

Choosing Clothes for the Gay Wolf

This attractive subject of the gay community is known for being attractive. Other than being generally good-looking, there are few other requirements for what a gay wolf wears. Some of the more common forms of attire include bomber jackets, T-shirts, high tops, blue jeans, ski jackets, muscle T’s, flannels, leather jackets, tank tops, baseball caps, boots, running shoes or hoodies.

Celebrity Wolves

Are you still uncertain about exactly what a gay wolf is? If you need a clearer image, check out some of these top celebrities. Like many celebrities, many of these guys have a tendency to manscape, so you probably won’t find the same hairy chest that you see on other wolves. If you want to check out wolves in action, look up celebrities like Chris Pine, Marco Dapper, Kevin Kiermaier, Brody Jenner, Tyler Hoechlin, Ryan Guzman or Chris Evans.

Myths About the Gay Wolf

Unfortunately, there are a number of myths about gay wolves. These may be based on common gossip or off of wolves who shape-shifted to other subcategories. Here are some of the most common myths that you will hear about wolves in the community:

– Black guys cannot be gay wolves.
– All wolves have large packages.
– Cubs tend to be the same thing as wolves.
– You have to have chest hair to be a wolf.
– Wolves are the same thing as otters.
– Wolves have to have some variation of brown eyes.
– Wolves are always defined and lean.
– Wolves are always tops.
– You cannot become a wolf after being a bear.
– You cannot be a daddy and a wolf at the same time.

Mannerisms of the Gay Wolf

There are also some stereotypes about how gay wolves have to behave. Many of these stereotypes are based on the idea of alpha males. This term was created by Dr. Rudolph Shenkel in the 1940s to describe wolf behavior. Later on, he actually repeated the study. To his amazement, he found out that there are no alpha dogs in the pack. The wolves he originally thought were the alphas were actually a mother and father in charge of their growing family. The myth of the alpha dog and alpha male still continue though.

While the myth of the alpha dog might be wrong, no one has told gay wolves that yet. Many wolves are sexually aggressive, assertive and dominant. This is not true of every wolf, but many of your average wolves fit these descriptors. They tend to be body-focused, goal-oriented, social, sexy, loyal and protective. Your average wolf knows exactly what he wants, and he is not afraid to go for it.

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