Cameron Mott and Nola Ochs,inspiration for Parents Educating Theirself

Cameron Mott and Nola Ochs,inspiration for Parents Educating Theirself

No one can hinder a person to develop themselves forward, but himself. This is evidenced by a young woman and a grandmother in America. Both of these women can be a good example for the parents so eager to develop themselves in order to educate themselves and the children who care. A girl Cameron Mott and a grandmother named Nola Ochs suggests that focusing on strengths instead of deficiencies, a person can achieve anything he wanted.

– Living with half a brain Cameron Mott, at the age of three, was diagnosed with the brain disorder Cortical dysplasia. Children who have this disorder often have seizures can reach 30 times each day. At the age of five, Cameron was diagnosed with Rasmussen’s syndrome abnormalities. Make a right brain damaged condition, and should be removed. Cameron was undergoing treatment for brain training that can still move like normal kids his age. Nearly a month of therapy, Cameron showed progression. He could walk and started school. One thing that makes Cameron excited to live with the condition have only the left brain, she wants to be a ballerina. The desire was saying when I was young, recorded by the brain, and makes passionate pursuit of his goal.

– Passed S-2 at the age of 98 is another story with Nola Ochs. Women who were born on 22 November 1911 it did not see old age as a hindrance to run what he wants, that is finish education up to the S-2. Nola education successfully completed the S-2 and graduated at the age of 98 in 2010. According to him, age is just a number that does not no effect at all on what he wanted to do. As long as they have health, for him he could do anything though it was old. Nola also won the Guinness World Record as the oldest graduate student carrying a diploma at Fort Hays State University (FHSU) in Hays, Kansas. The events that occurred on May 14, 2007 is the more interesting because he graduated along with her ​​granddaughter, Alexandra Ochs, who was aged 21. On 100th anniversary, Nola is still listed as a student at FHSU master’s degree and became a teaching assistant.

– Examples for parents Resourceful Parenting, see the power of these two women as evidence that the brain will continue to grow as long as trained. Willingness someone who will encourage the brain to continue to work. Facilitator RPI, Inda Helen, exemplifies how the two women have the will to live and not see any flaws in him as an obstacle. “Brain adjusting one’s ability. Such Cameron who has no right brain, then left brain will adapt her skills to help what he intends to do. desire to be a ballerina rely on creativity are closely related to right brain, left brain actually helps the willingness to adjust, “he said. brain cells will not stop.

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