Dangers of Bacteria in Your Carpet

Dangers of Bacteria in Your Carpet

A carpet adds the look of elegance and professionalism to any home or office, but do you know it is an ideal breeding ground for different allergens and bacteria? Can old carpet make you sick? Yes, there are old carpet health hazards that you need to be wary of. It’s not only dust but also moulds, dust mites, insect faces, pet hair, and dead skin cells that get trapped in this unassuming home staple.

Let’s understand how dirty is your carpet by looking at the three common dangers of bacteria in your carpet that you need to watch out for.

Weakened Immune System

Did you know that the immune system weakens when exposed to high levels of stress? So if you want to relieve your stress, hug someone. But there’s also another way: make sure your carpets are sparkling clean!

If you’re wondering can carpet make you sick, then yes it can. Staying in an environment that isn’t clean affects your mood in general, and with this, you may not be aware that your stress levels are spiking up.

You can never be at ease knowing how dirty is your carpet. As you get exposed to toxic carpet symptoms, you have high chances of being vulnerable. Mycotoxins are an example, as they are highly dangerous and can cause allergies, infection, and respiratory diseases. You can eat more fruits like bananas or try taking immortality herb to boost your immune system, but first, try a simpler route: clean your carpets frequently.

Skin Asthma and Athlete’s Foot

Are you aware that you can have skin asthma or athlete’s foot just by frequently stepping barefoot on a dirty carpet? Yikes, yes you can. Can carpet make you sick? It can. If you have any cuts or wounds in your skin, avoid treading on a carpet, as you may never be aware of the dangers of bacteria in your carpet. Bacteria gets in the body through the smallest cuts or openings, and this is just one of the many old carpet health hazards.

If you are suffering from skin asthma or eczema, dirt and dust from dirty carpets are also a big no-no. Aside from cleaning your carpets often, you can also try other eczema treatments.

Respiratory Issues

If you’re thinking that it’s only your feet that get in contact with carpets, then you are wrong. Why is carpet bad for your health? The carpet alone isn’t, but a dirty carpet is. Along with filthy air ducts that are not frequently maintained, your soiled carpet can cause more health issues.

Allergens and fungi can cause flu-like symptoms especially when inhaled. Rashes and irritation in the eyes and nose can also be triggered by remains of dust mite that get trapped in the fiber of the carpets. People suffering from respiratory asthma are also prone to get an asthma attack if they are exposed to toxic carpet symptoms. This said, include maintaining an immaculate carpet in your common cold remedy list.

Remember the answer to the question, “Can old carpet make you sick?” Knowing why is carpet bad for your health should tell you to clean carpets weekly. At least once will do, and once or twice a week for medium foot traffic. For high foot traffic, cleaning should be done on a frequent basis. Doing so can eliminate the dangers of bacteria in your carpet and prevent the health hazards mentioned above.

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