Freedom to be Yourself is Valuable

Freedom to be Yourself is Valuable

Freedom to be who you are allows you to grow.

One of the most personally frustrating things a person can go through is having to deal with people who are constantly trying to change him or her. Trying to make him or her fit their expectations.

These people often support their actions by saying that they are helping the person grow or be better, but in actual fact, they are hindering that person’s growth.

Independence and free thought is what makes a person grow. By giving people the freedom and space to figure out who they are and be that, you give them the power to grow. You give them the ability to be the best of who they can be and promote diversity. It is a diverse world and only tolerance of that fact can help people grow and live.

This promotes the development of character and personality. Ideas will be free to flow as everyone will be comfortable with how they are and what they are doing. This lives more time for people to pursue productive endeavors without worrying about what people are going to say next or how to avoid confrontations.

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