How Long Does Exercise Equipment Last?

How Long Does Exercise Equipment Last?

My Home Gym Equipment Lifespan: How long does exercise equipment last?

Before buying equipment to complement your fitness plan, it’s essential to know how long you can expect it to last. There are a few things that influence the lifespan of different types of gym machines, as well as highly relevant factors like cleaning.

Lifespan Exercise Equipment

As different types of gym machines have different lifespans, we can divide gym equipment into three groups:

1. Cardio Equipment: Ellipticals, treadmills, and exercise bikes

How long does exercise equipment last when is used for cardio? This type of equipment is the most complicated and the most likely to break. They’re also the most difficult and expensive to fix. Dust is the main cause of early failure, so keeping your machines clean is highly important.

– Treadmill life expectancy: 7-12 years

– Lifespan ellipticals: 10 to 20 years

Why Does Cardio Equipment Break?

Modern cardio machines include electronics, and they’re usually the first things to break. Also, they tend to get dusty as they go a long time without cleaning. Dust gets into the moving parts, increases friction, and wear on all these moving parts. This equipment could last longer with proper cleaning.

2.Strength machines

When it comes to strength training, how long does exercise equipment last? With some maintenance and replacing a few inexpensive parts, machines such as benches, cable machines, etc. can last very long. After 20-25 years, the paint might come off and they might look rusty. However, it’s pretty likely there will be new, better, and different gym equipment by then.

Why Do Strength Machines Break?

Strength machines are very simple, only a few parts are pretty easy to replace or fix to extend the lifespan exercise equipment:

Pivot points: they can wear out after a long time as they represent support, so an occasional lubricant could make them last longer.

Cables: they can break, but it’s easy to replace them.

Seat/backrest covers: they might tear after a while but they can be re-upholstered.

Rubber handles: they stretch and slide off, but it’s easy to replace them.

Despite it’s uncommon, what could really ruin a machine is a broken frame. After a long time, connections may weaken and start cracking.

3.Barbells, weights, and dumbbells

Could my home gym equipment last for a lifetime? Under normal use and with minimal maintenance, these items can. As cheap bars and weights may bend or break with minimal use, it’s important to get good-quality products since the beginning.

Why Do Barbells, Weights, and Dumbbells Break?

Barbells can bend if you lift very high weights with them, which isn’t very common. If your bar includes spinning levels, the bearings inside could wear out, so you can use the bar without them. Weights will be useless only after breaking, so it doesn’t matter if you work out before going to bed and you feel exhausted, don’t drop them! Rubber coatings might come off, but this isn’t an issue. If your dumbbells come loose from the handle, you can fix it with some tools.

How Can You Make Your Gym Equipment Last Longer?

Taking care of your equipment is essential. There are two main things to consider: Maintenance and Cleaning.


First, read the owner’s manual. There might be some special things you have to do to keep your equipment working properly. Learning when to replace cheap parts or apply lube to the moving parts could extend the lifespan of ellipticals greatly, for instance.


Not only does this keep your gym equipment presentable, hygienic and fresh, but it also prevents excessive wear and tear. Always keep in mind that both dust and sweat are your gym equipment’s worst enemies. Even metal can rust faster if you leave sweat on it, as it can surprisingly degrade different materials such as paint, leather, and plastic, so it’s very important that you wipe down your equipment after using it. All you have to do is use a paper towel and a cleaner to wipe down the parts that your sweat has touched during your workout session. Remember it’s not only for hygiene, but it also makes them last longer.

Related Questions

Do more expensive machines last longer? Extra screens, electronics, and options are more expensive but can break easily. Sometimes brands will have a bigger impact on lifespan so you can pay extra for quality in a specific model. However, a healthy lifestyle isn’t necessarily expensive.

Which lubricant should I use for my cable machine? The best lube for cables and slides is dry silicone, as it won’t attract dust like wet lube. When using a dry spray, make sure to apply it as often as needed.

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