How to Get Rid of Fat Beer Belly

How to Get Rid of Fat Beer Belly

For all you men who are worried about the increasing beer belly- this article would be very useful.
A beer belly isn’t healthy, nor is it attractive. Find effective solutions here that might help you in the future.

A beer belly isn’t just about guzzling down pitchers of beer; it’s as much to do with unhealthy eating patterns. If you has been tucking in one takeout too many, or has simply lost count of the amount you pile on into your plate and into your gut, a beer belly is an inevitable certainty. If you gain weight it is more likely to be visible on the belly than face and chest.

But the good news is- it’s not a lost battle. There are effective ways and techniques to tackle it. Just remember, you didn’t develop your beer belly overnight. So it’s hardly likely that you will lose it as quickly. Consistency is the key.

Here are three most effective ways to lose your beer belly; choose an option that fits the time frame you like and be committed.

Gym Work:

The technique that men should follow in the gym to lose weight is different from the women should. This is because the average man has a higher metabolic rate than the average woman. He is heavier, taller and has a higher percentage of lean tissue. So he needs to exercise harder and burn more calories. Just going to the gym is not enough, you need to make optimum use of the machines for the best result. Good fat burning exercises include running on the treadmill, using the cross trainer and stepper, cycling, spinning, aerobics and sporting activities such as tennis, squash and swimming. These increase your heart rate, which results in weight loss. To target stomach fat, mix these routines with crunches performed with the help of a trainer. It is necessary to get techniques right when doing stomach exercises. And also diet plays an important role. You must avoid high calorie and saturated foods.

Sixty minutes in the gym three times a week is essential. This should include 45 minutes of cardio and 15 minutes of stomach tightening exercises. It’s not how much you exercise, but the quality of your workout that matters.


Any form of cardiovascular exercise will help you knock off the extra pounds, especially around the middle. Running or jogging is a great way to combat a beer belly. You may have fantastic stomach muscles, no one’s going to see them under the bulge. The best stomach weight loss plan is to run on a track or the treadmill with proper shoes on. This gets the heart to pump faster and also helps you break into a sweat.

The key is a short, intensive training session rather than long, fruitless one. Stick to 30 minutes a day in the beginning and then move up to 50 minutes a day three times a week. You will notice results in nine to ten weeks. Cut down on alcohol, especially beer, because it’s nothing but empty calories. Avoid deep fried and junk foods. When running on the treadmill, try the uphill mode for 20 minutes for the best results. If you are running on a track, set a time limit and do the round accordingly.


It’s a great way to battle the bulge above the belt. It’s possible to tackle the flab on your midriff through yoga. One reason is that it enables your system to be cleansed of all toxins and wastes.  It tackles the internal first. For example, sluggish pancreas can lead to weigh gain. If that’s the cause of your paunch, yoga will seek to address that problem. Soon, a steady continuous routine will prevent an increase of the beer belly. Once that is achieved, you can switch to more dynamic form of yoga that will help tone your tummy. This can be very intensive and leads to extreme weight loss and burning of calories. A stiff diet with intensive yoga will ensure that your midriff will look toned in two to six months.

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