How to Heal a Broken Heart?

How to Heal a Broken Heart?

A break-up from someone you love dearly can tear your heart apart and deplete your life energy. So how do you get over a broken heart? Healing a broken heart is one of life’s biggest challenges. but many people go through it and come out on the other side as better people. But it is not an easy process. That is why there are many benefits to seeing a therapist for help with healing a broken heart.

There are numerous words of advice on how to deal with a broken heart. The paths people choose to heal are personal and unique to each hurting individual. The natural process of mending a broken heart is called grief. Read on for 5 healthy ways of how to heal a broken heart:

How to Heal a Broken Heart?
How to Heal a Broken Heart?

1. Go Through Your Pain Not Around It

Grieving is a painful process so many people try to ignore it or deny it. But grieving must happen before one can heal a broken heart. Accepting and embracing your brokenness allows you to grieve.

Grief is a natural response to the loss of a big love affair. There is a deep sorrow that feels like your heart has been wrenched apart because you painfully miss your ex. It is important to take time and acknowledge your body’s responses to your loss as you may feel ill and have other unusual responses. Everything you feel is real and valid.

The overwhelming pain must be faced and endured for healing to happen. Attempts to mask, numb, or cover the pain with acts like taking alcohol or drugs will only delay the recovery process or complicate it. Avoiding the healthy process of how to heal a broken heart has its side effects. These include greater internal conflict, depression, poor self-image, complicated emotional responses, difficulties in future relationship making, withdrawal, and worse – inability to move on. Let grief be.

2. Take Time To Detach And Be Alone

Give yourself permission to detach from unnecessary activities so as to prioritize your healing. Being alone will help you clarify the significance and meaning of your loss. How deep are your persistent yearnings for what you’ve lost? What are your needs? What do you want? Withdrawing into the inner self allows for self-reflection and the establishment of the true situation.

The good insights arrived at in detachment sets the tone for healing self-expression. During detachment existing strengths can be listed and reaffirmed. Negative thoughts that are not helpful can be identified and ways of purging them established. According to Buddhist teaching attachments lead to suffering while detachment results in peace and happiness.

3. Express Your Grief

Expressing your grief is the first step in the recovery process. Talk about your feelings to a safe and trusted person who will listen. If it is easier to write your feelings and thoughts down, do so in journaling, letter form, or a story format. Once written, the letters and stories can be done away with as the purpose of emptying the mind has been achieved. Be true to yourself. When words will not flow, immerse into some uplifting music, art, or pottery which allows you to creatively express yourself. How to cure a broken heart can be challenging. Establish what works best for you by trying new activities and venturing to new worlds.

4. Create Time For Self-Care

Self-care greatly assists the broken heart to mend. Radically loving yourself and caring for your body physically, mentally, and spiritually is one of the best ways to heal a broken heart. Cry. Laugh. Eat. Drink. Exercise. Meditate. Rest. Heartbreak stresses the whole body so take time out to heal it.

Cry. Crying is a natural response after which some calmness is felt in the body. Laugh too. Find humor in your situation. Your body will become dehydrated so drink lots of water. The mind is swarming with mixed thoughts of anxiety, fear, anger, worthlessness, loneliness, or despair. This stressful situation may lower your immunity making it easy to have an inflammatory illness. To calm the mind, get some quiet time alone, be mindful and meditate. Being overwhelmed saps energy causing fatigue.

Rest is necessary so sleep as much as you can. Loss of appetite may happen, yet the body requires nourishment. So feed your body intentionally to replenish what is being lost and boost your immunity. Exercise your muscles and release some good hormones into your body. Walk. Run. Swim. Kickbox while picturing your ex as the target of your kicks.

How to Heal a Broken Heart?
How to Heal a Broken Heart?

5. Don’t Be Afraid To Love

Heartbreak may cause you to close your heart off and reject future offers for a love affair. Don’t allow your heart to close off. Start by helping others that are suffering. You will have compassion and energy to undertake advocacy on issues you care about. With love, there will be room for forgiveness and reconciliation. You will have hope to start again while supporting others on their recovery journey.

6. Seek a Therapist

Getting a good grasp of the five stages of grief by the late Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross provides a great guide to the process of loss, grief, and getting over a broken heart. The five stages which can happen in any order and with some not occurring for any person are: denial (inability to accept reality), anger (physical tension, frustration, and resentment), bargaining (negotiating restoration, pleading with God, and making promises), depression (sadness, emptiness, guilt, loss of appetite and hopelessness) and acceptance.

Being attentive and listening to your body will give you answers to the progress you are making in healing a broken heart. You can also engage a therapist to guide you on how to cure a broken heart. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself space and time to heal so your heart can love once more in a deeper and larger way.

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