How to Help The Learning Disabled

How to Help The Learning Disabled

This is about simple practical, yet effective ways to help those that suffer from learning disabilities.

For the learning disabled every day can be a challenge. This is why it is important for them to have routine. Learning disabled people tend to prefer to have structure and predictability. If you get them into a routine then you are helping them because their brain isn’t having to transition and adapt to so many variables. Learning disabled people do better doing one thing at a time. These folks can be very intelligent, but they require extra time during some activities.

Patience is important and also it helps if you allow them their own space when their figuring things out. Sometimes these folks will come up with an answer when they’re not taking the test, or being put on the spot. Sometimes they also benefit from extra verbal encouragement in the form of verbal positive reinforcement. An example of this if you say, “good job”. You can provide positive reinforcement in all sorts of ways.

It is also a good idea to provide them with closure when they’re done doing something and to give them extra ques during social situations. These folks tend to misread other people often and because of this they get off on the wrong foot. It’s important not to be judgemental, or take things personally when interacting with the learning disabled. It is also important to give them the same respect that you do with regular folks.

Learning disabilities can relate to reading, writing and comprehension. Some people have trouble with putting abstract concepts together. If you’re attempting a certain kind of conversation and you can tell they are just not going to get it change the subject. If someone is very simple do not use words like procrastinate around them. Speak clearly, listen with your heart and go slow and steady with these individuals and you just might make some new friends. Learning disabilities are not to be ashamed of.

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