How to Make Out With a Girl and Make Her Love it

How to Make Out With a Girl and Make Her Love it

Girls love to make out just as much as guys do. That’s something you have to remember whenever you have the chance to make out with a girl. The only difference is that a girl may like making out in different ways than you do. It’s normal for two people to have different preferences but if you want to make her love it, you have to cater to her likes more than yours sometimes.

If you’ve never made out with a girl before and you’re looking to figure out the secrets to it, look no further. We have what you need in order to know how to make out with a girl and make her love it. Just remember that each girl is different and will like different things. So try more than one of these methods to see what works best.

1. Take your time.

The key to making a girl love making out with you is to keep things slow. You don’t want to rush in and start kissing her without even getting to know her first. So take your time to really get to know her and understand her on a deeper level. Not only will this make her happier, but you’ll get a sense for what she’ll like and what she’ll dislike. Move slowly. Don’t let your horniness get in the way.

2. Turn her on with your words.

The very best way to turn a woman on is with your words. Girls like to hear nice things and talk. If you can be witty, charming, and really fun to talk to, she’ll be dying to make out with you! And when she wants it the most, she’ll definitely enjoy it the most. So talk to her and be playful and flirty. She’ll want to make out with you so much she may even make the first move.

3. Relax first.

The one thing that can make a woman hate making out is if it’s stiff and awkward. Therefore, you have to relax. Don’t be so uptight and worrying so much about if she’ll like making out with you. That will only make it worse for the both of you. Instead, focus on getting her to like you as a person because that will make her love making out more than the kissing itself.

4. Work your way closer to her.

Don’t start off being super close to her. You want her to see you getting closer and closer. This will help her warm up to the idea of you being right next to her. Find excuses to move closer and to even touch her a little here and there. Giving her a little taste of your proximity will start the wheels turning in her head. If she seems really relaxed with you so close to her, it’s a sign she’ll love making out with you.

5. Make sure she wants you to kiss her.

Don’t just assume that a girl wants to make out with you. Sure, she may be having a fun time and showing you that she’s into you, but she might not be ready for making out just yet. A way to see if she wants to make out with you is to gauge her reaction when you move closer and when you touch her. If she responds by moving closer to you or touches you back, she most likely will want to make out with you.

6. Start with slow kisses first.

Now that you’ve determined that she does want to kiss you, don’t just dive in and start making out. You have to start slowly and build up to the make out. You can begin by giving her a simple kiss. This will not only ensure that she actually wants to kiss you, but you’re giving her a little taste of what you can give her. She’ll want more and if she leans in for it, that’s your cue to give her more.

7. Whisper cute things in her ear.

After you’ve given her a couple of kisses and not made out just yet, pull her in closer and whisper really cute things in her ear. Tell her how great she looks. Tell her how much you’re enjoying her company. Basically, just tell her honest things about how you’re feeling about her. Keep them innocent and cute and she’ll melt in your arms. She may even make the next move and try to make out with you.

8. Be sweet and caring.

The last thing you want to do is be a jerk. I don’t care how many times you’ve been told that girls like guys who are mean. It’s not true. If you want her to love making out with you, then you have to be a sweet and caring guy. You have to act like a gentleman and impress her with how kind you are. She will not only love how good of a person you are, but it’ll make her feel more comfortable when making out with you.

9. Then you can turn up the heat.

Now that you’ve already kissed and told her how great she is, you can turn up the heat a little bit. Move in again for a kiss but make this one a little more firm. Make it a little more intense. Show her how much you want her with your lips on hers. If she doesn’t hesitate, you can even deepen the kiss. Make it more raw and needing.

10. Don’t use tongue at first.

Using too much tongue too soon can be a huge turn off. The best thing you can do here is to make the kisses deeper and hotter, but wait for her to use tongue. If she’s slipping her tongue in your mouth, it’s basically giving you the green light to do the same. Just don’t make it all about the tongue. Vary your kissing so there’s not a whole lot of emphasis on the tongue aspect.

11. Let her make some moves first.

If you’re making out with her and want to pull her on top of you, don’t. Wait for her to make the next move – especially if you’re the one who initiated making out in the first place. Allow her to pull you closer and make a certain move that tells you she wants you to pull her on top.

12. Read her body language.

Girls will tell you all you need to know just with their bodies. If you’re making out and she’s staying as far away from you as she can get aside from her lips, then she’s not comfortable and you should stop. However, if she’s pulling you closer and threading her hands through your hair, then she definitely likes it and you should keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

13. Use your hands.

If she’s very comfortable with you and you want to turn up the heat, use your hands. Pulling her in closer, running a hand through her hair, and even running them down her hips is a great way to make her love making out with you. Just don’t get too presumptuous and go too far. Keep things at a level she’s comfortable with.

14. Don’t go too far.

Just like I mentioned above, keep things appropriate. You never want to go too far – especially if it’s the first time the two of you are making out. Don’t let things go past a certain point if you want to make her love making out with you. It’s all about restraint and keeping her comfortable. Now, if she’s coming on to you and trying to go further, have the self-control to stop it. You never want to regret moving too fast in the heat of the moment.

15. End it before she wants to.

This is going to be, by far, the hardest thing for you to do. But in order to make a girl LOVE making out with you, ending it before she want to will do that. Why? Because it leaves her wanting more. She’ll be calling and texting you a ton wanting to get together so you can make out again. So pull away and get back to your talking before she does.

There are many ways for you to make out with a girl, but only certain techniques will make her love it. In order to please her and leave her wanting more, you should follow these tips and tricks.

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