How to Track Healthy Eating

How to Track Healthy Eating

To achieve your goal for healthy eating, you need to learn to keep track of daily food intake. Food journaling is a useful way to do this, as you can see what food goes into your body and how to track healthy eating. Learn how to keep a food journal as you stay on track in eating healthy.

Why Should You Do Food Journaling?

As you track what you eat and drink, you become more aware of what you consume and when you consume them. It will help you identify your personal habits and patterns when it comes to eating. You can further improve your healthy eating habits and stay on track to see a long-term change in your health.

Food journaling is about you supporting change and not experiencing guilt or shame on what you eat. Treat it as a way to feel good in the inside, just like how you feel good on the outside as you get a liquid facelift.

Keep Track of Daily Food Intake
Keep Track of Daily Food Intake

Tracking foods and drinks can be done by writing down on a notebook or any scrap of paper. Using an app for tracking your health can also help with tracking your eating. When you track what you eat, you get more motivated in eating a balanced diet.

How to Keep a Food Journal

To keep track of daily food intake accurately, you need to measure the portions of the food and beverage you consume. Common measurements in tracking foods can be cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons. To estimate the sizes of servings, you can also use common objects or your hand. Examples are one thumb tip of butter, two fists of salad, and one tennis ball of brown rice.

As you practice, you can estimate portion sizes without the need for measurement. Categorizing what you eat into certain food and drink types will be of great use to closely monitor what you eat.

As you learn how to track healthy eating, you can further improve the content of your eating journal. Aside from the types of food that you consume, you may also include a few factors in your journal such as the levels of your hunger before and fullness after eating. You can also take note of your eating environment such as the dining room, living room, or office, or even personalize your journal by writing down your thoughts and emotions.

You’ll know your eating pattern when you track your food. Reflect on the things you have written down on your eating journal and come up with habits you need to add, change, or improve.

How to Improve Healthy Eating Habits

Let’s talk about the healthy eating habits you can start as you track your food.

More on Protein, Fruits, and Vegetables

A balanced breakfast consists of good protein sources such as nuts, seeds, eggs, meat, poultry, and fish. Eat or snack on fruits or vegetables. Make healthy snacks easily accessible by having a bowl of fruits or even herbs like the immortality herb on your table or counter. Washed and cut fruits need to be placed in the fridge. Increase your water intake and always have water ready every time you eat.

Track What You Eat
Track What You Eat

Plan Ahead

Planning meals in advance is one way of looking forward to what you’ll eat. Stay at home and cook your meals instead of frequently going out to eat. Getting the benefits of hugs from family and friends is nice, and it’s even nicer to eat with them at home.

No to Gadgets During Mealtime

Avoid using any gadgets or devices as you eat. Eat slowly until you’re half-full and not when you’re stuffed. Eat on time and don’t skip meals. Sleep for about 7 to 9 hours daily so you can make better eating decisions. Having a good night’s sleep can help you clearly think of what healthy foods and drinks to include in your meal plan.

Lastly, consult a dietitian or any registered health professional to help you track what you eat and make healthy food choices and habits. As you get guided on healthy eating, you may also want to try a mommy makeover or eczema treatment to feel good. With the right mindset and people to support you, having an eating journal can help you on how to track healthy eating and make small milestones as you reach your goals.

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