Is Cracking Your Back Bad?

Is Cracking Your Back Bad?

Medical research has not shown that there are any negative consequences of cracking your joints in the joints themselves. However, overexertion of the muscles and ligaments around your spine may cause them to become inelastic and may cause problems. Normal back cracking is not a problem, as it is a normal event which allows built up gases to be expelled from your back and joints. There are healthy and unhealthy ways to crack your back, and we will discuss them here.

When Is Cracking Your Back Bad?

1. Too Often

It is perfectly healthy and potentially beneficial to crack your back occasionally. However, damage may occur to the muscles and ligaments around the spine when we too frequently crack your back. This may lead to a condition called hypermobility. Hypermobility causes the connective tissues to become overstretch, much the same way as an elastic band on our clothes may become overused and then less useful. This condition may make the back less likely to return to a healthy position after being extended. It may also cause our bodies to be less supported. It is even possible that your spine will move into positions that are abnormal, which may lead to other medical consequences.

2. Too Forcefully

Some people use their hands to crack their upper spine by turning their head. This is unsafe and may lead to serious medical complications. Anytime that you are using excessive leverage to crack a joint in your body is not recommended. We often see people who rotate their body to crack their back and then forcefully turn to the side for a final crack. This is also not recommended as it will cause the ligaments and muscles to potentially stretch beyond their limits. If your joints don’t pop under normal pressure, then they are fine as they are.

3. Improperly

There is no need to be a contortionist when cracking your back. You should be able to be standing, sitting, or lying on the floor and be able to crack your back. If you find yourself in an unnatural position, then it would be best for you to stop your actions. Additionally, do not try to crack your back over something like the back of a chair. This will cause intense pressure onto a single point in your back and may cause serious damage.


How to Properly Crack Your Back

1. Standing

When standing, you are crack your back in a healthy and safe manner. This way you are certain to not ever exert your body. By rotating your body in a slow and deliberate manner, you can achieve a healthy pop. Reach one arm over the other to touch your back. You may also twist as the hips if you want extra extension. Reaching toward your toes with your back straight will also give your back a chance to relieve some extra pressure.

2. Sitting

Sitting can be an easier to get additional force into your back cracking, but it also gives your largest risk of damage. By grabbing the opposing are of your chair with your hand, you can twist your body while keeping your hips stationary. Additionally, you more easily stretch your torso between your legs for a deep stretch.

3. Lying Down on the Ground

Lying on the ground may give you a stable position to crack your back. This is especially useful to get he lower portions of your back. By stretching your arms to your sides and twisting your hips to one side, you can move the lower portion of your spine as you need. Additionally, you can keep your hips straight and move your torso. Sit ups will also help you to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support your spine.

4. Chiropractor

Chiropractors help many people. Some people swear by their chiropractic doctors, while other people believe that they are not useful. You can speak with a chiropractor to determine if you want to attempt to have your back aligned by a professional. Their experience will ensure that your body is properly cared for during the procedure. They will also be able to give you advice on how to properly care for your back and muscles at home.

You can research and read charts about how the spine and spinal problems influence the body’s nervous system. They will be able to give you advice about serious back injuries as well. Chiropractors can help memory, focus, and balance. However, some medical doctors believe that chiropractors are unsafe. It is important to do your research and learn about the techniques that are applied by chiropractors if you choose to meet with one.

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