Remembering Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance

Remembering Your Loved Ones with Life Insurance

While recent studies have heralded modern medicine as the average life expectancy of the average Brit has steadily increased. People are living for longer and illnesses that once spelled out your doom now have cures and courses of treatments to manage various conditions, symptoms and ailments.

The sad truth is that while the average life expectancy has increased there are still huge numbers of people that don’t live out their full potential and succumb to chronic diseases, accidents and disasters.

Statistics show that one in five people will die before the age of 65, that is not to say that they will contract an illness, no before reaching that conclusion mountains of statistical data was compiled, information about car accidents, illnesses and traumatic events was aggregated and studied. Mathematicians made their calculations on probability and risk factors and that was their conclusion. Such reports add credence to the sayings related to ‘living for today’ and ‘you don’t know what’s around the corner…’ life offers no promises and no guarantees and it is for this reason that it is always better to be prepared for any and every eventuality.

When you look around you and your mind’s eye catches images of your loved ones, your children, your other half and your parents. As a working adult whoever and whatever your wages contribute to needs to be protected, whether it is just you and your other half or if it’s you and your brood of mini-me’s, they all need to be considered.

When you think of the worst case scenario relating to you and your health and what would happen to those that rely on you and your wages no doubt your heart strings are tugged. It may be an uncomfortable realty to face up to, but face up to it you must, your dependants need to and can easily be looked after in your absence with the relatively easy purchase of life insurance.

Some refer to the covering policy as life assurance, wither way it is a financial arrangement that will cater to your dependants in the event of your demise. When considering purchasing a life insurance policy it is vital to take two things into account, what you need and what you can afford. Rather than looking for the cheapest level of cover or being attracted by the promise of cheap monthly premiums, you must consider why you are purchasing life insurance in the first place. While you ponder on your motivations for purchasing a policy you will be reminded of the key features and these are the features you should insist upon.

For one person it could be the assurance of having your mortgage payments settled up immediately, for others it may be the provision of a monthly allowance for their remaining loved ones, whether it’s for a lone partner or a widow/er and a cute clan of little ones. Once you have fully established what’s vital for the cover to include you can look at the optional extras. As well as protecting your loved one in the event of your demise you can also look at covering your own interests.

What would you do if you found yourself in a position where you were unable to work and provide the level of income your family have become accustomed to? Will the money provided by the government be sufficient for not only their needs but wants as well? If the answer is no you may very well consider taking out income protection as an add-on to your life insurance cover.

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