Why Children & Adults Get Into Serious Drugs

Why Children & Adults Get Into Serious Drugs

This article looks at the initial aspects of why individuals begin and start using different types of drugs, including the harder substances.

Many individuals are born into a drug users lifestyle through their environment, or from peer pressure. Some individuals start doing drugs for reasons such as an escape from their reality, or to impress peers. For some it is purely thrill seeking and glamorous in their eyes to go down the road of drug usage. Regardless of reason drugs do provide individuals with a temporary escape, but it is at the price of their brain cells. Drugs and especially the heavier substances can do irreversible damage to your brain.

Whether it is loneliness, depression, or thrill seeking substances should not be the answer. Many individuals die from Crack, Cocaine, Acid, Meth, etc. There are even more dangerous drugs being created every day. One of the most dangerous is actually a flesh eating drug called Desomorphine, or nicknamed Krokodil (pronounced crocodile). Individuals that take this are looked at as zombies. Children are more at risk from serious substances because both their body and their brain is forming. Adults are taking the same risks, but since they’re done growing they at least have a larger body and a bigger blood stream to work with.

Damage is irreversible from many of the drugs on the street. Individuals who dabble in these lightly, or heavily are changing their brain permanently. Most people that do the heavier substances will test for a permanent learning disability even after getting clean. Quite a few suffer from paranoia, or other psychological symptoms for life. I personally am not sure if the lighter drugs are really a gateway to the heavier drugs, but individuals will do whatever they can find reason for. Human nature is to explore and experiment. For some their abyss comes in death. Doing drugs is a mistake and hopefully more people catch on, but at the current rate we may have a catastrophic problem one day.

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