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How to Pick Up Girls In College

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How to Pick Up Girls In College

You’ve finally made it to college. Sure, you’re going to get yourself a degree but more than that, you’re going to have the time of your life picking up women. College is the place to hook up with women, of course, aside from studying. This is the time where you’re able to experiment, try things you’ve never done and meet a variety of women that you’ve only dreamed about. Right now, there are tons of guys that are stuck in their dorm rooms, afraid to go out and pick up women on campus, but that’s not going to be you. Instead, you’re going to take advantage of this opportunity so you’re going to learn how to pick up girls in college. Of course, it may not be easy right in the beginning, but it will get better with time, you just need some practice.

How to Pick Up Hot College Girls

Girls like leaders

Here’s the thing, girls don’t necessarily like the captain of the football team but they like a guy who can stand on his own two feet. This doesn’t mean you need a varsity jacket in order to show who you are, but you need to show that you respect yourself. Many guys assume that they need to be an alpha male, but that’s wrong. Women simply like men who don’t allow themselves to be pushed around and you don’t have to be an alpha male for that.

Don’t focus on getting laid

When women see men who are too eager in meeting women, they’re turned off. Why? Because they look desperate. That’s not what you want to look like. You need to look like sex isn’t a concern for you. So, this means you shouldn’t rush into getting laid. Don’t allow it to be the main reason why you’re going out with your friends or why you’re talking to a girl. Of course, if it happens that’s great, but if you make it the goal of the night, you’re not going to get laid. So, instead, have a good time. Surround yourself with good friends and a strong social circle, that way, whatever happens, whether you get laid or not, you’re not focused on it.

How to pick up girls in community college

Look who you share your time with 

If your friends are too scared to leave their dorm room to pick up girls, then you need to get yourself a couple of friends that like going out and having fun. You need friends that are social and enjoy spending time out. Women pay attention to the people you hang out with. This doesn’t mean you need to ditch your other friends, but you also need to select some people that you can actually go out with and have a good time. By hanging out around other guys who are social and talkative with women, you’ll also be placed in that category.

Have a good time when out

If you’re slumped in the corner, going through your phone, you’re not going to have an easy time picking up women. You need to genuinely be having a good time when you’re going out. Women are attracted to men that are carefree and self-assured. Confidence is what turns women on and that’s what you need to have when you’re out.  Plus, it’s easy for women to approach you and vice versa when you’re seen as someone who’s easy to talk to and light-hearted.

how to pick up girls at college

Hygiene is important

College guys can sometimes come off as being slobs which is great for you because you’re going to stand out from the rest. Hygiene is a huge factor and it’s extremely important for women that you look clean. No woman is going to positively respond to you if you approach her in a stained t-shirt and it looks like your hair hasn’t been washed in a week. You need to make sure you take a daily shower and wash your clothes. If you slack, no girl is going to go for you.


Yeah, this may sound lame but it’s true. You need to look like you love yourself. This doesn’t mean you need to be a narcissist, but you need to look like you spend time on yourself. Get yourself some fitted clothing that actually looks good on you. You don’t have to have an eight-pack stomach but you should spend some time on your health. Going for runs or walks, eating clean, these are all things which will improve your appearance greatly, making it easier for you to pick up women.

Clean your dorm room

If you succeeded in having a girl come over, that’s great but that doesn’t mean you sealed the deal. If your dorm room smells like eggs, she’s out of there in a second. Take a couple minutes a tidy up your room. You’re an adult, it’s time for you to act like one. Throw away any empty pizza boxes, beer cans, dirty socks, it’s time you grow up. If your dorm room isn’t clean then you’re going to have a hard time seducing any girl especially when she thinks you’re dirty. How do you expect her to have sex with you if she thinks you’re not clean? She’s not letting any part of your body touch her.

Picking Up Girls In College

Except rejection

Listen, the first couple of times you try to pick up women, you may get rejected and honestly, you better get used to it because it’s bound to happen. So, if you get rejected the first couple of times, don’t get discouraged. First, look at the way you’re approaching her and see if you’re doing something wrong. If you’re not sure, ask a couple of your friends and see if they notice anything in how you pick up women. In addition, it could also be nerves and that’s something that’ll change through time and practice.

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