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How To Ride A Guy

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How To Ride A Guy

Whether you’re with a one-night stand or your long-term boyfriend, you want the sex to be pleasurable for not only your partner but for yourself as well. We all know that sex is a two-way street and if someone isn’t really into it, it’s not going to be a good experience. Of course, many years ago if you talked about riding a guy and how to do it, would be have been judged. However, now, the topic of sex is becoming less taboo and more open among men and women. Not all of us want to have sex in the missionary position for the rest of our lives, it’s as simple as that. And if you’re one of those people who like to sexually explore, then that’s great, you’ve come to the right place. You may have heard or seen in porn the cowgirl position, but you’re a little nervous about how to actually perform it. Seeing on TV is one thing, but doing it in real life is completely different. So, if you want to know how to ride a guy, well, you can to the right place. Though it may look intimidating sometimes, it’s a great position that’s highly pleasurable for the two of you.

Master The Woman on Top Sex Position

Be prepared

Now, before anything, you want to be prepared for sex. This is the most important and basic rule of having any type of sex. Of course, we’re not always planning when we’re about to have sex, but we can always be prepared for sex whether we think we’re going to have it or not. What does this mean? Well, it means you need to always have protection with you. Whether you’re on the pill or using condoms, make sure that you’re prepared. Don’t rely on the guy to have condoms because if he wasn’t expecting it either, then he may not be carrying any condoms. So, in your purse or wallet, make sure you have at least one condom with you. In addition, make sure you’re getting frequently tested for STIs, especially if you have more than one sexual partner.

It’s all about the attitude

Having on-top sex is mostly about the attitude you convey while riding your guy. If you want him to truly enjoy the experience, you need to be in the zone. Many women don’t like this position because they feel it’s unflattering to their bodies, however, those are just useless insecurities. When you’re on top of a guy, there’s this power that showed to him. You’re showing him that you’re in control of the situation and honestly, they love watching their partner on top of them. The whole point of this position is being in control and showing your enjoyment. When you’re riding them and moaning, they become aroused by it.

Cover your insecurity

Most women love the feeling they get from this position, however, they’re highly insecure about their breasts, tummies and thighs. But here’s the thing, you can cover these areas. Wear a sexy bra if you feel uncomfortable exposing your breasts, a sexy corset or slip if you want to cover your tummy. That way, you get to enjoy riding your man, while not mentally focusing on your insecurities. You’ll be able to focus on what matters instead.

Be careful when you’re sitting on top of him

We rarely talk about this, but it’s important. Though, we’ve all experienced this at least once when trying to ride a guy. When you’re sitting on top of him, you want to be careful as to where you position your body. When sitting on him, you sit on him where your body seems to click into place and he looks comfortable. Figuring out where to sit is also important for you as you’ll be able to be more active without getting tired so quickly. Remember that when the penis is erect, it’s not flexible. So, if you sit on it wrong, you can actually cause severe pain and in the most drastic situations, break it.

You’ll want to find his own natural angle and then place your pelvis where both of you are comfortable with. This make take a couple tries but don’t rush it, everyone is different.

Make sure you’re stimulated

Listen, the guy has a beautiful woman on top of him, so either way, he’s not complaining. What’s important is that you’re feeling aroused in the position you’re in. If you’re not feeling comfortable, change the position around until you do. In addition, make sure that you achieve your orgasm first. It’s much easier for men to orgasm than for women, so do you first and then you can focus on pleasuring him. That way, everyone gets a piece of the pie and all is fair.

Ride him like a wave

There are many ways you can ride your man. You can go up and down, back and forth, but try to ride him as if your body is a wave. This is extremely passionate, it’s wildly sexy and he’ll never get tired of it. While riding him, lay flat down on his chest, with your cheek touching his and move slowly, like a wave. Maintain a steady rhythm. This is great if you need a bit of a break and want to slow things down for a moment.

How To Ride A Man

Use your hands

When you’re on top of your man, you have a bird’s eye view of his sexy chest. So, with your hands, grab his chest. You can even rake his chest while you’re riding him with your nails. Many men have fantasized about this, so why not bring the fantasy to life? In addition, don’t be scared to be creative while riding him. Suck on your fingers, grab your breasts, hair or neck. You have two hands, so, use them to your advantage.

Test out different techniques

You’re on top of him, so you have the control right now. You don’t have to stay put in some technique, you can change it up whenever you want. Try to rotate your hips in circles and see how it feels for the both of you. You can do long and hard thrusts, going up and down – just make sure you don’t do it too hard. You can go fast, slow, up, down, deep or shallow – mix all these techniques up. It’ll be much more stimulating for the both of you. But if he’s really loving one technique, you can stay on it for a little longer.

Don’t think you have to go crazy the entire time

You don’t need to ride him like a bull for an hour straight. This is sex, it’s not a rodeo. So, if you’re getting tired or want to change positions, do it. Kiss him in between when you want to pause for a moment, get off his penis and perform oral sex or switch up the position. Don’t think you need to ride him continuously for long periods of time, that’s just crazy.

Make sure he gets involved

You’re not the only one having sex. Sure, he’s under you but he can still do his part. If you’re getting tired or want him to become more active then get him to help you out. He can hold your body and do the thrusting for you or he can pull you down onto his penis and rock you back and forth. This will elevate some of the pressure off of your legs and give you a little bit of a break to cool down. Plus, he also has two hands so he can use them to touch your breasts, ass, neck and hair. He doesn’t have to just lay there.

Try reverse cowgirl

Now, you know that cowgirl is when you’re riding your man when facing him. But reverse cowgirl is when you’re doing the same, however, your ass is facing him instead. If you want to mix things up a bit, this is a good position to test out. And, if he’s an ass man then he’ll love it as he’ll get a perfect view of your back and butt right in his face.

Talk dirty 

Everyone loves a little dirty talk every now and then. You don’t have to recite the entire Fifty Shades of Grey but you can throw in some dirty words when it feels right. When he’ll hear you talking dirty while you’re riding him, it’ll make him, even more, aroused knowing that he’s the cause of all of this. The more you turn him on mentally, the more erect his penis will be and the more fun you’ll have riding him. It’s the circle of life. You can call him a “dirty boy,” tell him that you “love riding his dick” and that it “feels so good inside of you.” There’s only one way he can react and that’s to reach his sexual peak.

Actually, have fun

Sex is the best when you’re truly relaxed and having a good time. I know that you have insecurities, we all have them, even the guy that’s under you. But, now’s not the time to dwell on those thoughts. Don’t overthink what you’re doing. Instead, feel what you’re doing. The best way to do this is to be selfish. Weird, right? You probably weren’t expecting that but it’s true. If you want to relax, be selfish. This position is basically you riding him to receive pleasure. So, smile, laugh, moan however loud you want and put your hands where they turn you on. In this position, what will turn him on is seeing you having a blast on his dick. So, do everything that makes you feel aroused. In turn, he’ll get turned on and it’ll be on big happy orgasm for everyone.

Sex should be fun but you should also spend time experimenting with different positions, seeing which ones suit you the best. The cowgirl position is increiblaly fun and puts you in control of the situation for a change. So, relax, smile, and ride that dick as much as you want. You’re in control.

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