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How To Turn A Girl On

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How To Turn A Girl On

Turning a girl on in all the right ways is no easy task. However, there are plenty of ways to do just that without breaking an arm and a leg. Here are eighteen different ways to help you turn a girl on in no time:

Being a Gentleman

The first thing that you should do when it comes to turning a girl on is making sure that you are a complete gentlemen at all times. You’ll never find a girl wanting to get hot and heavy with you that you are acting ungentlemanly. Nothing with get her to find a chastity belt faster than being rude or even just oblivious. Holding open doors, shielding her from the rain and/or politely making sure her needs are met are so important. Chivalry is definitely not dead yet.

Being Confident

Now don’t even for a minute confused being confident with being cocky. Arrogance is never suggested when trying to woo the lady of your dreams. Girls are attracted to men who are confident and secure in themselves. There’s just something about a man with good self-esteem that turns us on. However, too much self esteem makes a man come off as full of himself, which is most definitely a turn off in every way.

Having Heart to Hearts

Women, most but not all, love a good heart to heart. They love when men spill out all their emotions for the world to see. There is just something sexy about making yourself emotionally vulnerable to us. We eat that stuff right up.

Being Spontaneous

The element of surprise is always on your side when you are trying to turn a girl on! Plan random dates and make her feel as if they were decided out of thin air! She will love it. Adventure is sexy by itself, adding a man in is just a bonus.

Having Good Communication

Women are ultimately turned off by men who do not communicate properly with them. Communication is key in any relationship but it is especially important when it comes to the bedroom. If a woman feels that her communication needs are not being met she will not open up to the idea of anything sexual. She will most likely continue to guard herself until she feels a strong connection with the man. To get this connection, communication is crucial.

Staying Stylish.

It’s safe to say that you will not be turning her on anytime soon if you dress like a bum or if you don’t bother with your hair or if your hygiene is just plain bad in general. Unfortunately, looks are a HUGE factor in getting her attention focused on you. She may like the way you look, but accessorizing, as well as proper cleanliness, is important. We are not saying that you have to dress to the nines every day of your life, but you should at least give it your best try when you are trying to turn her on. She will appreciate the effort you make and she’ll probably think, ‘Wow, he cleans up nicely!

Making Her Laugh

We know, we know. It’s not always the easiest to make a woman laugh, especially when she is having a bad day. However, making her laugh is in the top ten things that turn a girl on because it’s one of the most important factors. Without humor, she might just find you utterly boring. You must be able to make her laugh, without insulting her or being rude. In other words: Don’t poke fun at her or at other people when you are attempting to make her laugh. Do your best to get those laughs and smiles in a good fashion. You can tease her a little, but keep it innocent. Bonus points if you get her to giggle. If you do, she will warm up to you in no time. Girls love guys with a good sense of humor. It’s the ultimate turn on.

Playing With Her Hair

Run your fingers through her hair, she’ll love it! Not all women dig this, but to be safe you can ask ahead of time, “Do you mind if I play with your hair?” That way you won’t catch her off guard. Twirling, playing with and running your fingers through her hair are all definite turn ons for women. She’ll love the attention and the way it ignites the nerves on her scalp!

Kissing Her Neck

The nerves on your neck are super sensitive, because that’s where some of the biggest arteries lie! If neck kissing doesn’t turn your girl on, then we aren’t really sure what will. It’s one of the most intimate types of kissing one can do and it may just get her in the mood, if you catch the drift.

Biting Your Lip and Biting Her Lip

Although they are two different things, they both have the equal power to turn a girl on anytime, anywhere. Watching someone bite their lip in a sensual way can be a major turn on for some people. Be careful, though, doing it sloppily may make you look really corny. Biting her lip, if you get the chance, is also a turn on for most women. Be sure to bite gently. The last thing you want to hear is, “Ouch! You bit me.” And drawing blood is most definitely out of the question! But gentle lip biting will stimulate the pleasure receptors in her brain.

Smelling Good

What’s better than a man who smells good? The answer: Almost nothing. A great smelling guy is pretty much intoxicating to women. It indicates good hygiene and effort into taking care of yourself. We love that! It’s also scientific. Woman are drawn to certain types of male musk scents. It can scientifically turn her on to get a whiff of a good smelling man.

Showing Her Off

Women like when their men make the effort to somehow show them off. This is also known as PDA or public displays of affection. Although you may want to tread lightly on this one. Some women are strictly against PDA. If she is, you can still make the effort to wear her proudly on your arm and show her off to your friends or family. Cheek kisses, hand holding and making sure she’s included in conversation are all important when it comes to successfully doing #12 on the list of things that turn a girl on.

Tracing Your Fingers On Her

Nothing gives the best kind of shivers down your spine like when someone traces their fingers on your body does. Trace lightly on her anywhere from her forearm to her neck to her stomach. You can trace in a straight up and down fashion or you can get creative and trace the alphabet. It’s entirely up to you and her to decide what she likes best and where she likes you to do it the most. We can guarantee this will turn her on in all the right ways!

Just Listening To Her

Every girl seeks out a man who has the active listening trait. Without active listening you will never succeed in capturing her or turning her on. A woman’s sexuality is tied closely with her emotions. Therefore making it critical that you take the time to actually listen to her. This includes mirroring her and responding to her when the two of you are conversing.

Taking Sexy Showers

Although having sex in the shower is not everyone’s favorite thing to do, as it’s not the most comfortable, you can still have her join you for some hot, steamy alone time in there anyways. You can use the shower time to wash each other and take each other at your most vulnerable. It will hopefully put her in a sensual mood. Who knows, the shower might work and you may make your way straight to the bed after if you play your cards right.

Surprising Her/Getting Her Gifts

She will love that you went out of your way to think of her, even though she wasn’t around you! Appreciation of your girl is a major key in turning her on. We aren’t saying that you have to go above and beyond (although it doesn’t hurt) or that you have to spend an entire paycheck on her. We mean get her a card or flowers once in awhile. Surprise her with a picnic or drop her favorite candy bar off to her at work when you know she’s having a bad day. It’s simple and doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck!

Keeping Your Eyes On Her

Nothing turns a girl off faster than her finding out your eyes wandered over to the figure of another woman. Most women like to feel as if they are the apple of your eye. Not having your full attention can be a death sentence for your love life.

Giving Her Massages

A massage is almost a foolproof way of getting your girl in the mood. Giving her a good massage, that you are actually trying at, will help to relieve tension or pain she may have. It will, as they say, loosen her up and in the end turn her on. Maybe you will even get lucky and she may return the favor! You will never know unless you try.

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