Healthy Food 5-a-day Portions

Healthy Food 5-a-day Portions

We are all told to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day but no one tells us what constitutes a portion... here you have it.

2 small tangerines2 slices fresh pineapple rings or 2 canned pineapple rings- check the label for sugar levels half a green or red pepper4 broccoli florets1 medium apple150 mls fruit juice (watch out for sugar content)1 small onion3 heaped tablespoons carrots3 heaped teaspoons fruit salad1 fresh peach or 2 canned peach halves but beware sugar levels in canned fruit. read the label,3 heaped tablespoons peas half an avocado2 medium plum shand ful of grapes3 sticks of celery14 button mushrooms half a grapefruit1 medium banana8 cauliflower florets6 baby sweet corn2x 2 inch mango slices7 fresh strawberries1 medium tomato5 asparagus spears heaped teaspoon sultanas15 fresh raspberries2 heaped tablespoons spinach (mix it in with other dishes like macaroni cheese)1 small corn on the cob1 medium pear3 tablespoons stewed rhubarb1 small courgette8 Brussels sprouts4 prunes2 dried apricots3 heaped tablespoons cabbage1 small leek

So that isn't so much is it... off you go now and I expect good reports by next week. Those with digestive ailments are exempt of course. Be sensible.

PS - if you also try to eat some of the vegetables raw each day you will find your energy levels and your general well being will improve within the week. I once managed 3 days eating only raw food, my energy level was sky high and I felt a million dollars but I would have bitten someone's arm off for a plate of soup. Try having a box in the fridge with strips of carrots, courgette, peppers, broccoli, celery, baby sweet corn and sugar fat peas and dipping into that during the day and evening instead of the biscuit box. Raw mushrooms and cheery tomatoes and also good for nibbling. Be brave and experiment. And get some sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and spread them around especially on salads they are great in nutritional elements as are sprouting beans if you can be bothered sprouting them they are delicious.

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