Heart Healthy Beans

Heart Healthy Beans

Beans are heart healthy and good for you in every way. They are economical and easy to prepare. You can cook them from scratch or you can buy beans in cans, you only have to open the can, drain and rinse them well. Beans are full of protein. Serve them two or three times a week and skip the meat. Save money and promote your health.

Beans are heart healthy and economical. They are chock full of protein. If you like to cook from scratch, you can buy dried beans and cook them yourself. Or you can buy beans in cans already prepared. Serve them two or three times a week and skip the meat. Dress the different varieties of beans up in different ways, and the kids will love them. Here are a few bean recipes that are easy to make, healthy for your heart and easy on your pocket book.

Open a can of heart healthy red kidney beans, rinse well. Chop some onion in a skillet with a little olive oil. Cook onion until softened, add beans, a can of diced tomatoes, add some chili powder, a little salt and a few grains of red pepper flakes. Cook on med a few minutes, taste and adjust seasoning.

Use left over cooked rice for this one or if you don’t have any, cook some. Chop up some onion and bell peppers and cook in a little olive oil until softened. Add drained and rinsed beans, any kind you have on hand. If you have any left over broccoli or other veggies add that too. Add a little barbecue sauce or soy sauce, according to your taste. Then taste and see if you need salt or maybe a few red pepper flakes. Tastes good and so heart healthy.

Cook some macaroni, open a can or two of pinto beans, rinse well and heat, add to the hot macaroni, combine and add some butter, milk and shredded cheese. Taste to see if it needs salt. But remember the less salt the more heart healthy.

Prepare a lettuce or spinach salad with cucumbers, sweet peppers and tomatoes. Open a can of cannellini beans, drain and rinse well. Gently toss beans in with salad. Drizzle over with olive oil or use salad dressing of your choice.

Shred cabbage as for slaw or buy at your grocery store already shredded. Add shredded carrots, some raisins and low fat mayo. Open a can of black beans. Drain and rinse well. Mix beans gently in slaw. Heart healthy and economical. And wasn’t it easy to prepare?

Open a can or two of pinto beans. Drain and rinse well. Heat beans. Chop up an onion. Grate cheese. Mash hot beans. Heat tortillas. On the tortilla, put some beans, onion, and cheese. Roll up and heat a few seconds in the micro wave. Now serve to the hungry people.

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