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Sexy Role Playing Ideas for Couples

Relationship Advice

Sexy Role Playing Ideas for Couples

Whether you’re in a long term relationship and feel like it’s time to spice things up, or you like it spicy from day one, role playing is an excellent way to go. There are so many different scenarios you can act out that there’s something to suit everyone – from the ultra romantic to the super dirty. And if you’re a bit shy there are actually scenarios that can help with that too. You don’t need a big actor personality to have a bit of fun in the bedroom… If you intend to do the more dirty stuff, have a safe word. And remember: always play with people you respect, who respect you in return. Sex should always be a safe haven, no matter how dirty it gets.

The Teacher and Student

Put on your shortest skirt and geekiest glasses and put your hair up in pigtails and you’re ready for your role as student ladies! Now all you have to do is follow the directions of the teacher. Anything he says, you have to do…you’re there to learn! Perfect if you like to be dominated, or feel a bit shy. And that sexy student in a mini-skirt is, of course, irresistible to any man.

Switch it around and have a sexy female teacher (with a ruler for punishments in hand) and geeky male student who needs a lesson…in love!

The Job Applicant

One of you is an employer, the other one wants to get employed. Now how far would you go to get the job?

Whoever is the employer can come up with demands, or the employee can suggest they’re…willing to enhance their CV…

The Handyman

Someone’s come to fix something in your house. Someone with their tool belt strapped on (what you put in there is up to you and clothing is optional…). You don’t know them. But you want to see them naked. So it’s time to get sexy with them.

The Virgin and the Hottie

You’re the girl in pigtails and glasses and he’s taken you to his favorite make-out place in the car. It will be a “first time” to remember…

The Secretary and the Boss

You may be wearing a pencil skirt and glasses, but you don’t have to be innocent for this one. In fact, you could be the one seducing the boss…but of course, he could also be the one spanking you for doing a bad job.

The Gardener

There’s a hot man mowing the lawn. Maybe you need to bring him some tea and cake…and touch those muscles gleaming in the sunlight…

Cop and Robber/Hooker/Trouble Maker

One of you get arrested, body searched and possibly cuffed to the nearest chair. Maybe the robber is trying to get out of it by offering sexual services, or maybe you’re just in a position to tell them what you want them to do. And give them a bit of a spanking for being so bad.

As this is a common fantasy most sex shops have really cool cop and robber outfits. Even masquerade stores have outfits for this, and all you need is really handcuffs, a badge and a fake gun.

Yoga Instructor and Student

Roll out the yoga mat and show your student how downward dog is really supposed to be done. Then have them doing it, while positioning their body using your hands. Sensually stroking their body as you adjust them and letting your hands linger at…the most inappropriate places, is bound to put you both in the mood for a lot more than yoga. Or why not end the session with some tantric breathing, followed by some tantric sex?

Photographer and Model

One of you is a photographer calling the shots, the other is a model. As the photographer you can ask for clothes to come off and put your model in whatever position you like. You can adjust their pose and their clothes with your hands too.

Just remember that it takes someone with a good eye to get good photos. No matter how sexy the model, with a bad photographer they will end up looking horrible. If you take real photos, just bear this in mind. Also, of course, unless it’s a polaroid camera.


Your house is on fire and of course you need to be rescued by a hunky guy…and then proceed to thank him.

Naughty Nurse or Doctor

The nurse, or doctor, needs to examine their patient. To do so s/he needs to undress them, or tell them to get undressed. Then the examination starts.

This is made complete by a sexy outfit.

Strangers in Paradise

You decide on a time when you both go to a bar – as strangers. You chat each other up. Spend the night flirting. Then you go home to discover this new person that you found…

Want to make it more interesting? Wear nothing under your trench coat.

Stripper and Client

One of you orders a stripper, the other one shows up to…strip. If the client pays extra well, offer a lap dance… Just be sure that whoever is the client has plenty of dollar bills to throw at the stripper to show their…appreciation.

Want some inspiration? Get a pole! (As for literal inspiration, there are plenty of videos online and why not watch some Magic Mike, or that beginning scene in P.S. I Love You?)

The Prisoner

Whether one of you kidnaps the other and ties them up, or decide to pay a visit to a prisoner in their cell, things are about to…get interesting…

The Footballer and Cheerleader

He’s the jock, you’re the cheerleader of every man’s wildest dreams.

The Hitchhiker

Why not hitch a ride with a stranger in front of your house? Then chat each other up in the car and finish the date with sex, or foreplay, in the car in some place where you can’t be discovered (like somewhere in nature, or your own driveway…and really, don’t get discovered as you don’t want to get arrested!).

Masseuse and Client

Of course a good massage comes with a happy ending…doesn’t it?

Chef/Waiter and Customer

Serve your lover a little bit more than dinner when they dit down at your table to dine… Maybe even use yourself as a platter for some of the food…like the dessert. Or why not order them to strip in order to get the next dish?

The Naughty Maid

Get that little maid uniform on and start dusting your place with a feather duster! Be sure to bend over properly to get the dust in all the corners… Maybe you should even dust your man off with the duster? That’s to say: if you get a chance. He’ll probably tear your clothes off before you even get that far…

Does he have a private office? Why not show up on a day when he’s sure to have no visitors and clean the office?

The Escort

One of you is the escort for the night – “paid” to do whatever the other pleases. Make sure to go on a date before you take it to the bedroom so that whoever paid for the escort get the most for their “money.” Excellent way to play with dominance by letting one of you be in charge for the night.

The Porn Director and Porn Star

Lights on and action! Why not direct your sweetheart in a role in a movie that’s nothing but sweet?!

Your Favorite Movie

Choose a couple from one of your favorite movies and act out a scene/the beginning of a scene and let imagination take over from there. Of course, it helps if you choose a movie like 91/2 Weeks, but who says that you can’t choose something terribly romantic and play a romantic role playing game instead?

Royalty and Servant

His every wish is your command, or the other way around… Wait upon one another and order each other about…

The Harem Girl, Concubine, Geisha, or Sex Slave

One of you is a very powerful person in a time gone by, the other belongs to their harem of erotic staff who aim to please. You can be Cleopatra or Caesar, a Venetian style concubine, or why not set up a scene like something out of Arabian nights, decking the halls with candles, rugs, pillows and heavy draperies? There’s plenty of Moroccan decor inspiration to be found on Pinterest!

Painter and Muse

You’re in a Parisian loft apartment, old wine bottles filled with candles, easels and empty tubs of paints, one of you posing naked, or draped up in some erotic fashion using your bedding, the other is sketching you. Never mind if you can’t draw – no one needs to see the picture…the important bit is the inspiration!

Dance Teacher and Student

It’s time to re-enact some scenes from Dirty Dancing. If crawling on the floor and calling for your lover boy isn’t your thing, just start dancing a slow dance and have one of you start giving directions.

Hotel Guest and Maid/Butler

Someone’s come to clean the bedroom…and might just end up cleaning off some clothes too…

Sleeping Beauty and the Prince

Someone’s fallen into a deep sleep and let’s just say it takes more than a kiss to awaken her…

The Call Girl and Client

The call girl enters the apartment with her little toolkit, ready to seduce her client.

The Pirate and the Captive

Aye, aye captain! You’ve been caught…by a pirate. You’re dressed in rags and tied to the mast, now what? Will you beg for mercy, or let the pirate have his/her way with you?

The Burglars/Servants

The Mister and Missus is out of the (AirBnB) house (you’ve rented)…now you get to have sex…everywhere.

The Lady and the Scoundrel

She’s dressed in Victorian/Regency clothing and as proper as can be. He’s the wayward duke who’s the ultimate scoundrel. Put on those proper old time manners, use their speech patterns and seduce someone as one would way back when…basically one of you is the coquettish prude and the other has to break through that.

The Priest and Confessor

You’ve come to your confession…it’s time to repent your sins! In a…rather hands on fashion.

The Spy and the Captive

One of you has been sent to find information…and will do what it takes to get it from the person they’ve captured. Seduction, punishment…it’s all up to you how to get that vital information from them.

The Damsel in Distress

She’s in need to be rescued. Of course she will be by a dashing stranger. Whom she ends up falling head over heels in love with and being seduced by… It’s like a scene out of a Marilyn Monroe movie…

The Lonely Woman and Waiter/The Lonely Man and Waitress

Their date never showed…instead you took care of cheering them up.

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