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10 Signs She Wants To Sleep With You

Of course, every guy is trying to figure out whether a girl they’re interested in wants to sleep with them or not. Women can send some mixed signals, putting you in a difficult position when you’re trying to figure out if you can make a move or not. Some guys are left in complete surprise when a woman makes the first move since they didn’t even know their date was into them. And it’s no one’s fault for this. Some women appear to be flirtatious even though they have no intention of doing anything with you. Other women can come off as cold and uninterested even though they’re really into you. Every woman is different, the same goes for men as well. If you want to sleep with someone, you need to know that they want to sleep with you. If not, you’ll end up in an awkward situation offering or asking for something that she doesn’t want. You can avoid those situations just by knowing the signs. Of course, it’s important to remember that these signs may show that they want to have sex, however, you need to always ask for consent prior to making a move.

She mentions the topic of sex

If a woman doesn’t want to have sex with you, she’s not going to talk about anything sexual with you. In fact, if you bring up something sexual, she’ll try to change the subject. However, if a woman keeps mentioning sex on her own, bringing up the conversation to you, she’s seeing where you stand on the subject. Most women will not directly bring it up out of fear of being rejected, so, instead, she’ll poke around the subject.

Now, if she straight up tells you that she wants to have sex with you, that’s a very strong indicator that whatever you’re doing is working. There’s nothing better and clearer than when a woman tells you that they want to have sex with you. This covers a couple of bases. She already gave you consent, plus, she tells you what she wants. It’s a full win-win situation for everyone.

She touches you


But she just doesn’t touch you in any area. But this also doesn’t mean that this means she needs to grab you in the groin when she wants to get laid. If she’s into you and wanting something physical, she’ll slowly start to touch you. She may touch your arm when she laughs, touches your hair, or touches you in uncommon areas such as your neck, thighs, and ears. It’s highly unusual for women to touch you there unless they want something more.

She dresses provocatively

Now, this one is tricky because a woman can wear whatever she wants and it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to sleep with you. If she decides to go commando on your date because that’s what she usually does, this doesn’t mean she wants to sleep with you. But, if she is usually dressed more conservatively and now, she’s all of sudden in something more provocative, it could be a sign that she wants to take this to the next move. She may be dressing like that to spark some sexual chemistry between you two. And from your side, it’s probably working.

She invites you upstairs to her place

This is the classic move that women do when they want you. They’re inviting you into their private, safe space which means they trust you and want to open up to you. Okay, it could also mean that she just wants you to come up, so don’t assume that you’re going to have sex if you go to her place. However, if she’s flirting with you, touching you, and making sexual jokes before inviting you upstairs, well, that’s a pretty good sign that she’s into you. Now, you may not have sex, but, you may get a solid make-out session or a nice glass of wine out of it. So, though it’s a strong sign, don’t assume it’s a sealed deal if you go upstairs.

Her goodnight kisses are passionate

The kiss is a strong indicator of how she feels about you. If the sexual tension has been building up throughout the night and you’re walking her to her house, she may give you a very passionate kiss in front of her door. This shows that she’s highly into you and wants to get a taste. Now, she may just want to show you what you’re waiting for but she may also be wanting you to make the next move. So, before doing so, ask her if she wants to go inside and see how she reacts. She may pull you in on her own, but if not, ask her.

She sits close to you


If a girl didn’t like you, she’s keeping a healthy distance between you and her. If a woman is sitting close to you, it’s a great sign that she wants to sleep with you. Physical proximity is important when gauging someone’s interest in you. In addition, this shows a level of emotional intimacy as well. If she’s sitting beside you, close to you when she clearly doesn’t have to, then she’s into you. Play up on this and tease her with your touch lightly. See how she reacts to it.

She licks her lips


Now, unless she has something stuck on her lips, this is usually a subconscious move that people do when they’re attracted to someone. Licking the lips is a reaction of what she’s thinking about. Yes, it’s seductive, however, it’s also a good sign of what she thinks about you on a sexual level.

She shares food with you

Most importantly, she shares her food with you. Listen, when it comes to food, no one actually likes to share their food. This is a sign of her wanting to bond with you as it is somewhat intimate. Friends may share food together, however, if you two just started seeing each other, this is a great sign that she wants to get closer to you.

Everything you do turns her on

It’s amazing how whatever you do seems to arouse her. If she’s acting more sensual with you than normal, she may be wanting you to step it up a bit. She laughs at all your jokes, she thinks you’re intelligent, wise, and fit. The way you cook for her turns her on, she seems completely lightheaded whenever you make a move.

She may even start to compliment you. If she wasn’t into you, she wouldn’t be complimenting you. Now, this doesn’t mean that she wants to sleep with you right then and there. But it’s a strong sign that she’s attracted to you since she’s paying more attention to the details. Plus, this also boosts your ego. Of course, it depends on the compliments. Saying “I like your shirt” is different than saying, “you have really strong arms” while squeezing them. See the difference? It’s huge.

She wants to know your sexual history

If she didn’t care, she wouldn’t be asking you about your past. But she’s asking you about her sexual history because she wants to figure out what kind of guy you are. Are you someone who’s going to hurt her? Are you a player? Are you sexually healthy? Though she’s interested in you, she wants to know what she’s getting herself into to. Now, she may ask you direct or indirect questions about your past girlfriends and relationships.

You now know the 10 signs that she wants to sleep with you, does she want to sleep with you? Before coming to an answer, make sure she’s showing a couple of these signs. One sign is not enough. In addition, though you may think she wants to sleep with you, it’s important that you always ask her for her consent before making a move. Feel the moment and ask her when you feel that the time is right. If not, there’s no need to rush through it, you have time.