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Teasing A Girl The Right Way

Relationship Advice

Teasing A Girl The Right Way

There are many things in life that do not seem to come easily. Like figuring out what to do for a career or courting a woman. Yes, we consider wooing a girl as one of the most complex things that you will ever do, especially if you truly have feelings for her. Because, like all great things, love does not come easy. That is why when it comes down to dating you should plan everything out as carefully as you can. This means planning everything from the first date, to the way you get intimate and even the way that you tease her.

Teasing a girl can go one of two ways. It can be the best thing to ever happen to the relationship that you share with each other or it can be an utter disaster that ends everything between you. Making the wrong move could be what brings it all to a close if you are not careful about how you go about it.

It is important to remember that some, not all, but most women can be a little sensitive when it comes to teasing them. Who isn’t sensitive when it comes to making jokes at their expense? The answer is not very many people. Most people find themselves affected by the words if they are a little too harsh. That is why it’s crucial to be careful how you go about teasing and be aware of the different types of teasing that there are out there for you to use.

Tease her the wrong way and she’s going to shut you out of her life for good. Tease her the right way and you’ll be on your way to something more, whether physically or emotionally. That all depends on what you are aiming for! Which is exactly why it’s vital to pick the right kind of teasing. What do we mean by that?

You can’t just think that there is one way to tease someone. That would be a little bit silly! Of course there are several different ways of doing this. Because there are several different levels when it comes to dating or simply being with a woman and trying to get her to like you back.

When you are first getting to know a girl you will use playful teasing. Playful teasing is the teasing that gets her attention. You poke mild fun at her, but in a way that makes her laugh as well as you. You don’t want to cross the line into offensive! We will get more to that later.

Then you have flirtatious teasing. This type of teasing is good for trying to tug are her heartstrings a little bit. This will put you in her mind as more romantic than before.

Lastly we have sexual teasing. A type of teasing that should only be used when the time is right or you risk making a fool out of yourself. This is best left for women that you have known a long period of time or you have been seeing romantically for awhile.

Let’s dive into more about each one of these and then you can decide which one is for you to use!

Playful Teasing

You’re probably thinking to yourself at this point, ‘Isn’t all teasing playful teasing?’ Well, yes and no. All teasing should be done in a playful manner, but strictly playful teasing is different than sexual or flirtatious teasing. It’s much more innocent and it does not insinuate anything more than friendship at this time. This is the kind of teasing you will use to put yourself on a girl’s radar. This is the kind that will bring a smile to her face and bring you into her world. Now you can always do this kind of teasing after you have known someone for a long time, but it’s best used when you are originally trying to woo a girl.

What exactly does playful teasing consist of?

This is the type of teasing where you make a joke at a woman’s expense (not always, but consistently), but carefully so as not to highly offend her in any way. The tricky part? Knowing not to cross that very thin line!

Which can be extremely difficult, because you never truly know what she is going to find disturbing of you to say to her. You might think you are making a harmless joke, but if you don’t know her that well then you may not know what truly makes her insecure. In other words: You might just piss her off. And since we want to avoid this at all costs it’s important to know the difference between playful teasing and rude teasing.

Here are some examples of rude teasing:

Ex 1: Did you miss that detail? How dumb can you be!

Ex 2: Wow, who did your makeup today? A clown? It looks ridiculous!

Ex 3: Ohhh, you kissed that guy!? Gross, you slut.

Ex 4: You listen to that music? Seriously you are the lamest person I know.

Although you might find it funny and she may even smile, deep down she’s going to be hurting. Especially if she likes you as a friend or more. If she doesn’t know you at all, you are only going to tick her off. The art of teasing her includes knowing how to do it in a way that doesn’t break her spirit. Or in a way that doesn’t make you out to be a straight up bully.

Here are some examples of playful teasing:

Ex 1: Oooh, girl look at that new dew! Who new Amy Winehouse had a hot cousin!

Ex 2: You ate the last piece of fried chicken? We should call you the great food stealer of the south! What do you do when you’re not out stealing other people’s delicious food?

Ex 3: I know you’re a country girl, but that drawl is kind of working for me. Can you please say ya’ll again?

Ex 4: You’re an English major right? Well, don’t judge my vocabulary. I tend to mess up words around pretty girls.

There are certain things that you want to avoid when playfully teasing a girl. These things include her outfits, her physical features or making her feel bad about herself. Instead you want to ensure that this type of teasing revolves around lifting her up, but in a joking way! Putting a smile on her face is key. If you do that then you are doing it right!

Flirtatious Teasing

Now that we have discussed the first level of teasing it is time to move on to the second level! This level being the one where you flirt your butt off with a girl that you like. Now, you might not think there is a difference between flirtatious teasing and sexul teasing, but there definitely is! How? Because flirtatious teasing involves using your word. While sexual teasing can almost cross into a more physical realm.

It’s important to make good judgement when deciding to use which and when. Using sexual flirting too soon can come off as genuinely creepy. You want to avoid that at all costs, right? So don’t do it when the timing is wrong.

Flirting with a girl that you like is all about making her feel good, including yourself and getting her to blush, as well as giggle. These are the key components to successful flirting.

Without them you just have an awkward mess and most likely an awkward silence to go along with it.

How do you not let it get awkward and weird?

Here are some examples to show you what not to say when flirting with a girl:

Ex 1: Hey baby I’m Fred Flinstone, I can make your bedrock.

Ex 2: You have such a nice ass, can I touch it?

Ex 3: Aren’t you just a little slutty slutkins! Look at you! So hot.

Ex 4: Hot mama you make me so horny.

You don’t want to come off as perverted or desperate. Instead you want to woo her gently. Make her feel like she is special and beautiful. And even if you think she is super sexy, it’s best to not be blunt about it. It will just make you seem a little gross.

Here are some examples to show you how to flirtatiously tease a girl:

Ex 1: If you were any vegetable, you’d definitely be a cute-cumber!

Ex 2: I may not be a photographer, but I could totally picture us together.

Ex 3: Even if there wasn’t any gravity on Earth, I’d still find myself falling for you.

Ex 4: Your eyes are so beautiful that I get lost in them as I would a beautiful starry sky.

Flattery is everything when you are doing this type of flirting.

Sexual Teasing

The last type of teasing we are going to discuss is a more intimate type of teasing which crosses over the boundaries of just flirting into something more sexual.

This teasing is generally done by using body language.

Speaking can be a part of this, but if it is purely speaking then it’s probably bordering on being more of a flirtatious type of teasing.

Although you don’t want to be perverted, it is okay to say things in a much more naughty manner. Now remember this will only work if the two of you are comfortable with each other at this level.

If not, she’s probably going to file a sexual harassment suit.

How do you successfully tease with someone sexually? Think of seduction. Now think of things that you would do to seduce her.

Things you can do to sexually tease her:

Ex 1: Brush her arm lightly to give her goosebumps.

Ex 2: Play with her hair as the two of you are cuddled up together.

Ex 3: Caress her cheek as you look into her eyes to make it more romantically intimate.

Ex 4: Touch her neck. Lean in as if you were going to kiss her, but pull away at the last second.

The point of this teasing is to build the good kind of tension between you.

Building bad tension is never a good idea. That’s only asking to be put on her bad side.

Things you shouldn’t do to sexually tease her:

Ex 1: Grab her ass in a hard manner and say something crude.

Ex 2: Talk about how hot her boobs are and try to touch them. Especially if you try to ‘honk honk’ them.

Ex 3: Slobber all over her lips or attempt to kiss her neck in a rapid fashion.

Ex 4: Pull her hair.

There are just certain things you should not do when trying to tease a girl and those are some of them.

Hopefully this guide to teasing her the right way is everything that you need to make the smoothest moves you can. Good luck!

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