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8 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You

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8 Ways to Get a Guy to Kiss You

When you’re out with your man, there will be times when you feel like kissing him and yet you don’t know how to initiate it. Let us help you with that!

Kissing is known to have a whole bunch of benefits. For starters, it’s a type of physical contact that reinforces the bond and the attraction you feel for one another. Kissing the one you love instantly releases endorphins, which are the hormones that make you feel happy.

Another benefit of kissing is its ability to lower your blood pressure. I either you or your boyfriend have high blood pressure, a quick kiss or a bit of passionate lip locking can be enough to dilate your blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. It’s definitely more fun that chomping on a clove of garlic!

Lastly, one incredibly important benefit of kissing on your mental health is its ability to make you happy. When someone you find attractive also finds you attractive enough to kiss, then it’s definitely going to make you feel great about yourself. And this effect can last long after you and your beau have gone home for the night.

With so many benefits to kissing, it’s no surprise that you want your boyfriend to just go ahead and kiss you. So if you don’t know exactly how you’ll get him to do that, here’s our guide on how to get your boyfriend to kiss you.


Pout at him when he’s being stubborn. When you’re having a mini disagreement or he’s just being a little stubborn, make your cutest face by pouting at him. You even add in a little foot-stomping to amp up the cuteness. At that moment, your boyfriend might be completely exasperated, but he won’t be able to resist kissing you when you look so cute when you pout!

Rest your head on his shoulder and call his name. Here’s the scenario: you’re sitting at a park bench, at a coffee shop, or in the movies before the trailers come on. You want him to give you a little kiss before your coffee gets there or before the movie starts. Gently call out his name while your head is still resting on his shoulder, and when you don’t reply when he says “what?” it’s very likely that his response will be a little kiss on the top of your head. If you want him to kiss you on the lips, so the exact same thing again and before his lips touch the top of your head, move your head to face him and his lips will end up right on yours. Yes, it’s a scene right out of a movie, but it’s the sweetest thing when you pull it off!

Give him a big hug and look up at him. You’ve missed him so much because the last time you saw him was days and days ago. When he finally arrives, don’t wait for him to sit down next to you. Instead, walk right up to him and give him a big hug. And once the hug is over, look up at him and tell him just how much you’ve missed him. He won’t be able to resist kissing you then.

Hold his hands in yours and place them on your cheeks. You’re sitting across the table from each other after a romantic meal. The table is pretty small and he can reach over and kiss you then and there if he wanted to. But sadly, he hasn’t yet. What you can do to get him to make that move is by taking his hands and looking right into his eyes. Place his hands on your cheeks and smile at him flirtatiously. This will give him a hint that you want more than just to hold hands, and he’ll definitely give you a kiss.

Snuggle up to him when you’re watching a movie on the couch. Make sure it’s a relatively light or even boring movie. Something that you’re only watching because you can’t find anything else on Netflix, but neither of you want to do anything more than just sit and watch a movie. But before you can move on to the “Netflix and chill”, you need to get him to make the first move. So on the more boring parts of the movie where no one’s saying or doing anything important, snuggle up closer to him and rub your nose against his cheek. This will definitely get his attention and maybe you won’t need to watch the rest of the movie anymore.

Whisper playfully in his ear. You’re hanging out on the couch and there’s nobody home. You’re in a bit of a playful mood, but you have to get your boyfriend to feel the same way. One way to get his attention is by playfully whispering something in his ear. You might say something straightforward like “kiss me” or you can be a little coy by telling him how handsome he looks at the moment. This will definitely make him want to kiss you!

Give him a kiss on the cheek. You have to give a kiss to get a kiss. When you really want your boyfriend to kiss you, be the bold one and make the first move. Sure, it might have been more satisfying if he was the one to make the first move, but in this day and age, it doesn’t matter who makes that move as long as you get the result you want. Who knows, he might be pleasantly surprised by your boldness and give you all the kisses you want!

Just tell him to kiss you already! When he can’t take a hint and you’re frustrated and at your wit’s end, just say it straight. You can say it many different ways depending on your mood. If you’re feeling frisky, say it in that seductive and whispery voice a la Marilyn Monroe. If you just want a kiss when he’s too busy talking about things you don’t really want to talk about right now, tell him “shut up and just kiss me!” And if he seems to not be in the mood for anything flirty or maybe he’s feeling a little down, snuggle up to him and whisper “kiss me” and that might be enough to lift his spirits up a bit. After all, a kiss does wonders to both the giver and receiver!

Pick the right moment, set the tone, and then execute one of these surefire ways to get your man to give you that well-deserved kiss so you can both reap all the benefits of kissing. Good luck, and have fun!

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