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What Does It Mean When A Girl Blocks You?

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What Does It Mean When A Girl Blocks You?

So, you’ve been talking to this girl when all of a sudden out of nowhere she blocks you. Obviously, you’re confused. You thought the conversation was going well, she was replying and you thought maybe you could get yourself a date with her. But, then this happened. You don’t need a magic ball in order to figure out what happened. All you need to do is look at the reasons and then compare it to your own situation. When it comes to why people do the things they do, you can’t overthink or overreact to it. Half of the time, it’s not because of you but because of their own thoughts and feeling. However, it’s always nice to know the reason why right? So, here are some reasons why she blocked you.


She’s just not into you

Maybe you met her at a bar and chatted with her for a bit. But, in reality, she wasn’t that into you. Sure, she didn’t mind talking to you, but for her, there was no great spark, so, she blocked you after a couple exchanges on text or the minute after she gave you her number. Of course, she could have just told you that she’s not interested, it could have been way easier for the both of you. But, the thing is, she blocked you and that’s the decision she chose.

You’re annoying

How can I say this nicely…you’re annoying. You texted her twenty times in two days, she may have read it or left it unread and you’re losing your mind over it. But instead of playing cool, you continued to text her over and over again until she thought, man, this guy is annoying and blocked you. To be honest, if she was online multiple times and wasn’t replying to you, it doesn’t look like she was into in the first place. But, by you texting her multiple times, she found a good excuse to cut you off and block you.

She needs to move on

She may have really liked you and found out that you’re not sharing the same feelings, so what did you want her to do? Continue to talk to you? For her, not only is her ego bruised but she’s hurt. She knows she needs to move on but seeing your photos and statuses everywhere isn’t making the healing process any easier. So, she chooses to take a break from you and block you from her social media. Don’t take this personal, she just needs a timeout. Once she’s emotionally over you, she’ll probably unblock you.

You make her uncomfortable

This is a good time to look at your conversation with her and see what you’re writing to her. Maybe some things you’re telling her are uncomfortable. Perhaps they cross the line. For her, she felt that way, even if you don’t think you did. So, to get rid of this uncomfortable situation, she blocked you. It could have been a bad joke which made her do this. You have to remember, the things you say online are not always translated well when we read them. But if you’re asking inappropriate questions, well, then you have your answer as to why she blocked you.

She’s teaching you a lesson

Listen, whether you’re a woman or man, this is a bad tactic because it’s based on emotional manipulation. Maybe you had a disagreement and instead of talking to you about it, she just decided to block you instead. If this isn’t the first time she’s done this, then she’s trying to “teach you a lesson”. Now, if anyone, regardless of their gender, is doing this to you, it’s cruel and immature. So, what I’m trying to say is, it’s a good thing she blocked you and I hope it stays that way.

She’s hiding something

Now, maybe you two hooked up or sending each other racy photos when all of a sudden she blocks you. It’s kinda weird, right? I mean, why would she block you if she feels that what she’s doing is okay? Well, here’s the thing. She may already be dating someone and doing this behind their back. Of course, she doesn’t want you or them to find out, so, instead of just not doing this in the first place, she blocks you to prevent you from finding anything out.

She met someone else

When we meet someone we really like, we tend to drop everyone else that was a possible option. When someone goes silent on social media, it’s a good sign that they’re preoccupied with something/someone else. Now, she may tell you that she met someone for you to get the hint that she’s no longer interested or she may just block instead. The latter, for her, is much easier because now she found someone she really likes. You can’t take this personally, she’s just trying to get rid of her past and move on.

Now that you know the reasons why she blocked you, take a look at your conversations with her and see if one of these reasons fit. There’s always a reason why we do things, all you need to do is put the puzzle pieces together.

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