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What Does It Mean When a Girl Leans on Your Shoulder?

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What Does It Mean When a Girl Leans on Your Shoulder?

You might be friends or you might be hoping for more. Right now, you are a little confused about how she feels. When you were sitting next to her, the girl leans on your shoulder. Now, you want to know what it means when a girl leans on your shoulder. Depending on the girl and the situation, it can mean a number of different things.

she put her head on my chest

Depending on the circumstances, this could mean that she feels relaxed or comfortable around you. It may mean that she likes you and is attempting to casually flirt with you. It could also mean that she is just tired and wants to nap. You have to consider the girl and the situation before you can decide what it means.

She Feels Comfortable

Think of a complete stranger. How close do you stand next to them? Do you bump fists or feel comfortable sharing one side of a table? In most cases, you probably don’t. Our body language changes depending on whether we see someone as a friend or a foe. You stand closer to your friends and family because you feel comfortable around.

The same thing is true when it comes to how the girl acts. She is not going to hug or stand close to someone that she is not comfortable with. You can basically guarantee that she feels comfortable around you if she is leaning her head on your shoulder. She can relax and be herself around you. While this might not mean that she likes you, it at least means that she views you as a good friend.

She Is Tired

If she is completely exhausted, there might not be anything behind her gesture. She just needed a place to lean her head while she tried to relax. She is certainly comfortable with you, but she might be just sleepy.

She Is Flirting Subtly

When you have a crush on someone, you tend to stand closer to them. You might touch her shoulder or elbow. If you get an excuse, you might try to graze your fingertips against her face or hand. The same thing is true for her. Casual touches are one of the signs that someone might be interested in you. She might be doing it deliberately, or it might be subconscious. Her mind wants to be closer to you because she is interested. One easy way to show this is through things like leaning on your shoulder. This is just an easy, relaxed way to flirt.


All of these reasons fly out of the window if she is drunk or otherwise intoxicated. Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so people are more touchy feely than they would ever be otherwise. In addition, people have a tendency to pass out or lean on things if they have consumed a lot of alcohol. If she has been drinking, you should be careful about reading too much into her gesture. She might like you, but she also might have lowered inhibitions because of drinking. You will have to wait and see if she does this sober to see if she is interested in you or not.

resting your head on someone's shoulder


Is She in a Relationship?

If she is in a relationship with someone else, then she would feel terrible about cheating or making a move. At the same time, she might feel drawn to you. Even though she is deliberately trying not to make a move, she might be leaning on your shoulder because she subconsciously wants to be closer to you.

You have to be careful about what you do in this type of situation. To start with, you do not want to ruin someone else’s relationship or cause unnecessary drama. In addition, you have to worry about what your relationship would be like if she makes a move while she is taken. If she is willing to cheat on her boyfriend or flirt with you while she is taken, then she might do the same thing with you. If she is in a relationship, you should ignore subtle flirtations like this and wait until she is single.

Does She Like You If She Leans on Your Shoulder?

When a girl leans on your shoulder, it generally shows that she feels comfortable and relaxed around you. She feels close to you and wants to be physically close as well. I would guess that, at least half the time, she also likes you on some level. Unfortunately, you cannot know for sure if she likes you or not from just this sign. It is possible that she likes you, but it is also possible that she just views you as a good friend. If you want to see if she likes you back or not, you will have to judge based on her other behaviors and actions.

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1 Comment

  1. G2Superion247

    June 9, 2018 at 1:54 am

    One time my crush did that to me, she would lay her head on my shoulder. And I liked it what does this mean? Is she into me cause I’m into her.

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