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What Does It Mean When A Girl Texts You First?

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What Does It Mean When A Girl Texts You First?

You thought it was just another message from work, but lo and behold it’s the girl you’ve taken a liking to. You’re both impressed and excited that she texted you first. But before you get carried away with your assumptions, it’s best to read what her first text could mean.


1. She needs something from you. Is it bad that this is the first entry on our list? Maybe. But it’s the most common reason people would message you out of the blue, especially if you don’t really have much to talk about anyway. She could be asking you for help with something only you can help her with. On the other hand, asking a guy for a favor could be her trying to segue into talking more often and perhaps something a little more. However, for now, treat her request as nothing more until you learn more about the situation.

At the moment you might be excited that a girl you kinda sorta like texted you first, you have to keep the context in mind. It’s easy to assume that she likes you because she mustered up the guts to get your number so she can text you. However, you also have to keep in mind that it could mean nothing to her because she just really needs that favor or that info, and you’re the only one who can help her out.

What should you do? Well, it’s nice that she contacted you first. But since it’s because of a favor, it’s best to just carry out that favor to the best of your abilities. A girl asking you for a favor may not mean much, but it can lead to something more romantic in the future. But remember, don’t get your hopes up because it’s just the first conversation you’re having through text. For now, just play it by ear.

2. She thinks you’re cool. She messages you about something you have in common, and it’s welcome conversation. The last time you spoke, you talked about all sorts of awesome things from Breaking Bad to A Perfect Circle’s new album to the imagery in the works of Ray Bradbury. Her being the first to message you feels like the introduction to a romantic comedy that’s starting to unfold.

But hold up! Just because you have a lot of stuff in common, doesn’t mean she sees you as anything more than a friend. There could always be that possibility that she’s excited about meeting someone who has so much in common with her and that she can’t help but want to talk to you some more. Keep in mind that while this might not mean much on the onset, it could be a prelude to something more than friendship. However, unless you get more of a feel of the situation, don’t assume anything and just enjoy talking to her.

What should you do? Dude, enjoy the heck out of this! She mustered up the guts to be the first to contact you (no small feat, no matter what the feminists say), and she’s also great for conversations. While you two aren’t exactly headed in a definitive direction, the best thing you can do for now is have fun. Nevermind that she texted you first (though that could be a huge plus), and just keep the communication going. Even if she didn’t mean anything by being the first to contact you, at least it’s leading to an interesting friendship that may or may not lead to something more.

3. She wants a little fun. A random number pops up on your phone and you it’s a flirty text from the girl you met at the bar the night before. The sly minx couldn’t help but be the one to text you first, and she’s already starting off with a provocative text that implies that she wants to get frisky. What could it mean other than she just wants a bit of quick fun with the guy who caught her eye at the bar?

On the plus side, at least you’re going to get some and initiated by a girl, no less. This could prove to be a fun no-strings-attached relationship that can boost your confidence and give you some enjoyment for the time being. But on the other hand, if it seems like all she wants from you is the physical side of you, then you’re unlikely to be getting more than that from her.

What should you do? Do you like her enough to have a physical dalliance with her and nothing more? If that’s your thing, then go for it! Just make sure you guys both know what you’re getting into so that no one’s feelings get hurt. And if you’re an optimist and a hopeless romantic, who knows, your dalliance might transform from a physical connection into an emotional one. And maybe what started off as a flirtatious text could become a beautiful relationship.

On the other hand, if it’s pretty obvious off the bat that all she wants is some fun between the sheets and that’s not your thing, you can either reject her offer as politely as you can or pretend you never got her message.

5. She wants to be more than friends. Your conversations start off a little slow, but friendly and frequently enough. And then later on you notice that she’s a little more at ease with you. Before you know it she replies immediately and never lets the conversation die down. She’s always the first to message you each day and the last one to send you a message at night. It seems like you have so much in common and you love learning more and more about her each day. Could it be that she messaged you first because she knew that she would be into you?

Is she constantly messaging you? Does she always seem to have something clever or interesting to say to you? Does it feel like she messages you about every random thing that pops into her mind that reminds you of her? With all this communication going on between you two (and we assume it’s all going well), it could be safe to assume that you’re in her head quite a lot and that she’s into you. Way to go!

What should you do? For starters, play it cool. Enjoy the flow of your conversations and don’t rush things. She may have been the first to show interest, but you should also match her level of enthusiasm for messaging you. Reply as often as she does, text her as often as she does, and give her updates on your day the way she does. She’s sure to appreciate it.

And when you notice that you two are starting to open up to each other, it could be time to move on to the next phase of your budding relationship by asking her out. Considering she was the first to contact you, she might also be the go-getter type of gal who would be the first to ask if you want to take your relationship further.

The start of a potentially wonderful relationship could all boil down to one single text. And since she has already sent that text, the ball’s in your court. What do you want to do about it?

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