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What Does It Mean When A Guy Bites Your Ear?

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Bites Your Ear?

Have you ever been getting intimate with a guy and he starts putting on the moves? Are you ever completely confused as to what those moves even are? Guys can have a plethora of things they think are sexy that leave girls totally confused. Mostly, what on god’s green earth does it mean when a guy bites your ear?

why do guys like to bite ears

Just picture it: you’re having some good, old fashion Netflix and chill and the guy you’re with leans in and starts gnawing on your ear like a dog with a bone. It could mean a few different things, and if the guy you’re with isn’t very good at communication, then you might be left fumbling trying to figure out what he wants. Trying to figure out what it really means when a guy bites your ear can be difficult, so here are some ideas.


1. He’s wants to make out

Gently biting on the shell of the ear or the earlobe is a move that some guys use to signal that they’re interested in getting sexy with you. He might want to turn you on, or just start with a little heavy kissing. Ears can be an erogenous zone for a lot of people, men and women alike. Gently biting the top of the ear or nibbling the earlobe can feel really good. If he’s nibbling on your ear, it might mean that he thinks it feels good, too. If you’re up for a little less Netflix and a lot more chill, try turning the tables and give his ear a little nibble. If he likes it, you’ll know.

2. It’s a sign of foreplay

Other than wanting to make out, a guy might be nibbling on your ear as way to try and turn you on. Not only does it feel good, but it can also help turn both men and women on to make them warmed up for a good, sexy time. You’ll probably know whether he wants to just make out, or if he wants to go further. Ear nibbling should just be one of the many moves he uses to communicate that he’s interested in getting in your pants. If he’s just continually biting on your ear without any other moves, then… well, no one is sure what that means, exactly.

3. He’s being playful

Sometimes, guys might bite your ears, gently, and not being trying to get into your pants. He might just be playful. Make sure to read the context of the situation. If he wants to get sexy with you, he’ll probably be putting on more moves than just the ear nibbles, and the energy of the room will feel different than if he’s just trying to be playful. Being intimate with one another doesn’t always have to lead to sex. If he’s nibbling your ear, it might mean he just wants to be playful and silly with you while also being close and intimate.

4. He’s interested in going further, but he learned all his moves from bad teen romances and porn

So, we discussed that a guy biting your ear means he’s interested in going further, and that he probably likes it done to him, too. But sometimes a guy just learns all his best moves from bad erotica and porn and he has no idea what he’s doing. Ear nibbling can feel good to some, but it’s not for everyone. Sometimes, you can just tell if a guy isn’t really sure what an ear nibble will do. If you’re really not into him biting your ear, but you’re interested in him, try telling him exactly what you like. It’ll help his repertoire of moves and ensure you won’t want to worry about losing an earlobe.

So, there you have it. Mostly, when a guy nibbles on your ears, it means he wants to be close with you. Whether he wants to be intimate in a more sexual way, or he’s just being playful, or if he has no idea what he’s doing but he’s trying his best. Whatever his reason, nibbling on the ear means that a guy wants to be close with you in one way or another. If it feels good and you’re into him, go along with it. Or, try and see if he likes having his ear nibbled on, too. If it’s not your bag, show him all the things that you do like.

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