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What Does It Mean When A Guy Bites Your Neck?

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Bites Your Neck?

Getting hot and heavy in the bedroom can lead to a lot of things. However, we might not always understand exactly what each and every gesture means. We may like some of these, while we find ourselves a little weirded out by others. That is because every single person is completely different and they like different things. So maybe you like when a guy goes in for a neck bite and maybe you don’t, but you still might find yourself wondering to yourself, ‘Woah, what the heck could that possibly mean?

It is totally okay to be genuinely curious! Because when you are young and inexperienced you don’t always know what every motion means right off the bat. Sometimes you have to do a little bit of research to understand these types of things. Which brings us to what we are here to talk about today.

Why would a guy possibly want to bite your neck? What could it mean? Is it a good thing or is it a bad thing?

We might not be so sure, because we are taught essentially that biting is bad, right? Well, the same motto does not seem to stand when you hit adulthood. Instead biting can definitely be a good thing. It just depends when, where and how it is done!

Like when a guy bites your neck, it is usually a good sign.

Or when he bites your shoulder! That could be a good thing, too.

And let us not forget about lip biting… Which, in our opinion, is the best type of biting that an adult can partake in!

Okay, let us be honest here, pretty much when a guy bites you anywhere, in the right fashion of course, it’s probably a good thing! Whether you like it or not is totally up to you!

But like we said it is all about how he does it.

The Different Ways and What They Mean

Now, just to be clear, most of the time when a guy is biting your neck it is sexual, but there could be emotional attachment to it as well.

Gently Nibbling The Neck

Ah, yes nibbling. Nibbling can be great when it comes to getting intimate with a guy. It is probably one of the most pleasurable ways of getting down and dirty with someone you like without actually getting too down and dirty. When someone gently bites at you, whether it be your neck, your ear or your lips, there is usually a more romantic connotation to it. Although it is still sexual, because you are being physically intimate, it is gentle because there is more emotion behind it. He actually cares about you. This could also signify that he wants to take things at a slower pace than if he were proceeding to do this gesture in a different way. He could be trying to set up a romantic atmosphere. He might not want you to feel extremely pressured so he is trying to be soft, simple and gently with this.

There is definitely no doubt that if he is taking his time doing this that he cares about how you feel. He most likely does not want to scare you off by taking things too fast.

This is a good thing. Especially if you are not very inexperienced when it comes to getting physically intimate. It is always a great idea to take things slow!

Aggressively Biting The Neck

The next way that a guy could go about biting your neck is by doing it in a more aggressive manner. Now this does not mean that he is being aggressive as in angry. It just means he is doing it in more of a quick, intense fashion that doesn’t seem to slow down. What does this type of neck biting mean? It generally means that that he is… Well, to be blunt he is probably pretty horny! Yes, there are times when these types of motions are purely instinct based. He might not even realize he has started to do this. But usually when a guy bites your neck this way it is because you turn him on… A lot. He might want to even take things further with you and this is his way of signalling to you. It’s his way of saying, “Hey, I’m ready to take things to the next level!”

Or he might just have a hard time not kissing you there, because it turns him on and he thinks that it turns you on. A lot of guys will simply kiss and bite your neck because they think that you enjoy it. Whether you do or not is totally up to you. But most women enjoy this because they are very sexually stimulated and sensitive on their neck.

Sucking/Biting The Neck

No, this does not mean that the guy is a vampire. Sorry Twilight fans, you’ll never find your Edward, because vampires simply don’t exist. However, some guys just find pure pleasure in sucking or biting on your neck. They might be out to give you a hickey. Young people especially like to get and receive hickeys. It is just a form of foreplay.

Make sure that if you are not ready to take things to the next level that you tell him so! However, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little neck play every now and again!

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