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What Does It Mean When A Guy Pats You On The Back?

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Pats You On The Back?

Getting a small pat on the head is strange enough, but what about when a guy goes out of his way to do something even stranger? Something like when he pats you on the back? Getting ‘patted’ anywhere by a guy can leave us scratching our heads and wondering what on Earth is going on!? Does it mean he likes me as more than a friend? Or does it simply mean something else at a more platonic level? Unfortunately, if you can’t read his mind it might be hard to tell what his original intentions were.

Luckily for you that is exactly what we are best at… Letting you know what is going on with him when he makes these kinds of moves on you! Read below and we can help you decipher just what it means when a guy pats you on the back.

he patted me on the back

He Is Proud Of You

One of the main reason that a guy would pat you on your back is because he is proud of you for something. Maybe you succeeded at something or passed a test. You could have gotten a promotion or scored at a sports game! Whatever the reasoning it might be cause for him to make this gesture. Pats on the back are something that anyone gives away when they are feeling proud of someone. It’s actually it’s main use. However, there could be a few other reasons that he might do this to you. So if there was really no reason for him to be proud of you then that is probably not why he was patting you on the back. There must be another reason!

He Is Supporting You

Otherwise maybe he might be patting you on the back because he wants to show you support. This generally doesn’t signify that he has feelings for you, but it does show that he cares about you a lot. He probably only cares about you as a friend, but you never know! It could be that he is just starting to feel more comfortable around you and his feelings for you are growing. So therefore he wants to show you that he truly supports you by giving you a pat on the back. Sometimes a pat on the back is another way to show someone a little bit of encouragement. He could possibly think that you need some encouragement for something difficult that is happening in your life at the moment. So think about it. Was there something you needed support for when he made this motion? If so, this might be the reason why he was doing it.

He Is Comforting You

Think about what was going on around you or with the two of you when he patted you on back. Because thinking about the context surrounding the gesture is important to discovering the reason of the gesture. Were you upset when it happened? Did something bad happen? Were you crying? These might be reasons that he would pat you on your back to show you that he is there for you. It’s a way of saying that you are not alone in these issues and someone is there for you. This could mean that he does like you as more than just a friend. But most likely he will make a circular motion if he likes you as more than a friend. If it stays a simple pat then it is more likely that he is just comforting you as a friend and nothing more.

He Is Feeling Touchy Feely

There are also times that a guy will pat you on the back because he is a touchy feely type of guy. Although this is a more creepy reason that someone might try to touch you! So be weary. This is usually the reason when the guy is a guy that you do not know that well. It might be someone that you just met even! They might just start touching you or patting your back excessively. It could be their way of trying to hit on you or they might just be desperate to get your attention turned onto them. This is usually the case if you can’t think of any other reason they might be doing this and if you have just met them or barely know who they are.

He Is Trying To Get Close To You

However, if it is someone that you know fairly well, but you still can’t think of a reason why they would be doing this there is one more thing that might make them do this! What is it? Well, sometimes a man does start to develop feelings for you, but he doesn’t want to come on too strongly. He might start to struggle for gentle ways to be intimate with you without ruining everything. Some of these things include pats on the back, shoulder squeezes, tickles, etc. They are not too intimate. Therefore you won’t be scared away by them. However, he is just trying to get close to you through these gestures!

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