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What Does It Mean When A Man Tells You He Is Lonely?

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What Does It Mean When A Man Tells You He Is Lonely?

Men will have a harder time admitting things than women do, simply because of the way society has raised them. When they are able to express themselves, it often means that they either trust you, or they want something from you. That’s usually the way things go. When a man expression that he’s lonely, it can mean those same things.

Perhaps you’ve been talking with a guy for awhile now, and he out of the blue tells you that he’s lonely. It could mean plenty of things, but usually it means that he’s trying to communicate something other than his loneliness with you. If you know the guy well, he could be trying to genuinely express how he feels. If you’ve only just started chatting, it could mean something else entirely.

 boyfriend says he feels lonely

1. He’s just lonely

If you know the man well enough – perhaps you’re friends – then he probably is just expressing how he feels. Guys tend to open up to their friends and women that they like or care about easier than they do strangers. If you have a rapport with this guy, it’s probably a sign that he’s opening up to you about his true feelings.

Loneliness is something that everyone experiences every once in awhile, even guys. If he’s telling you that he’s lonely, it can be a sign that he trusts you with his feelings. He might be looking for advice on how to feel better, or just looking to talk about how he’s feeling.

2. He wants to hang out

When a guy expresses that he’s lonely, he might be trying to ask to see you without actually asking. Maybe he likes you, but doesn’t want to come right out and say it. Stating that he’s lonely might be easier for him to say than how he feels. There’s a chance that he wants to see you and hang out together, but he’s too shy to come out and say that, as well.

He might be hoping that you suggest coming to see him, or the two of you going out together. After all, if you suggest it, all he has to do is say yes rather than admit that he wants to see you. If he suggests that he’s lonely, it might be a way for him to test and see if you’re willing to go out of your way to make him feel better.

3. He wants to hook up

A lot of guys won’t tell women that they’re lonely unless they’re looking for a certain kind of companionship from those women. While he might be expression his real feelings, he might also just as easily be looking for a hook up. If he’s not a guy that you know very well, and have only seen a few times, it’s probably a sign that he’s telling you that he’s lonely so he can suggest that you come alleviate that loneliness.

Usually, this means that he’s lonely in a more intimate way. He probably isn’t looking to go see a movie. On the contrary, he’s definitely looking for a more “Netflix and Chill” type vibe – with emphasis on the chill. Usually, this comes with a bit of flirtatious texts and innuendo. If he’s looking to hook up, you’ll probably know ahead of time.

is he lonely or in love

4. He wants a relationship

Men who are lonely might just be looking to get into a relationship. Whether he’s looking for a relationship with you depends on how well you know him! If he’s expressing that he’s lonely, he might be telling you this so that you know that he’s looking to get together with someone.

Essentially, he’s letting you know that he’s on the market – and that he wouldn’t mind if you took him off of it. What you do with this information is usually up to you. You could pursue him and see where it goes, or you could give him a verbal pat on the back and tell him good luck! At this point, the ball is in your court to do with what you wish.

Final thoughts

Figuring out what a man means when he tells you that he’s lonely can be a bit difficult. After all, he’s probably not going to offer up more information than that! He could be totally innocuous and just want to talk about his feelings. This is especially true if you’re close friends and have been known to talk about your feelings together before. Or, he could definitely be trying to hook up.

If you’re only acquaintances, it’s probably more likely that him telling you that he’s lonely is a ruse for you two to get together and make him not so lonely any more. Life sure would be a lot easier if men just said what the meant! Until then, you’ll find these tips useful for decoding what a man means what he tells you that he’s lonely.

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