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What To Do When A Girl Blocks You

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What To Do When A Girl Blocks You

You may have met her at a party or go to school with her and took her number. Maybe you started a conversation with her or maybe she never replied to you. But one thing you do know is that she blocked you. Now, I know what you’re thinking, why would someone do that? Why would they block you…you didn’t do anything wrong. In your eyes, you probably didn’t, but to her, she felt the need to block you. So now what do you do? There are plenty of ways you can handle this, but only a couple will make you look like you came out on top. Be the cool guy in this situation. Here’s what to do when a girl blocks you.


Look at why she blocked you

There’s a reason why she blocked you, no one does it out of the blue. You need to think about your relationship with her and the conversations you’re having. Maybe you’re talking a little inappropriately to her and even though you think it’s fine, she’s uncomfortable with it. Or maybe you write her too much and she’s feeling a little suffocated. Of course, she could tell you how she feels but many women feel uncomfortable to do so, so instead, they just block you. It’s much easier for them. Her blocking you could simply be a reaction to the way you behave, so first look at your behaviour to get a better idea of the situation.

Do not write her

Many men freak out when they notice that a woman isn’t replying to their messages. So, what do they do? They panic and start sending her more messages. Now, sure, maybe she didn’t see the first message, so fine, you write her a second. But if after the second there’s no reply, then stop, seriously. I know you may like her but it’s clear she’s either busy or not interested, hence why she blocked you. But now that she’s blocked you, do not find other ways to contact her. When someone blocks you, they go out of their way to do it and they’ve thought long and hard about it.

Do absolutely nothing

Just like not writing her, you’re also going to do nothing. Don’t try to talk to her in person, don’t call her cell phone, or contact her on Facebook. You literally have to do nothing. If you think that what she did was unnecessary, you may be right, however, hunting her down to tell her this won’t do you any justice. Instead, relax, lay back and calm down. Most of this emotional rush you’re feeling is because you feel rejected and that always hits the ego whether you’re a woman or man.

Move on

There’s a very unlikely chance that she’s going to unblock you if you made her feel uncomfortable or threatened. Now, if she’s your ex-girlfriend and she does this as a game, then she’ll probably unblock you and try to get a reaction out of you again. However, in most cases, you should simply count this as a loss and move on. There’s nothing wrong with moving on and finding someone else.

Apologise to her

You don’t have to do this now but if you feel that you’ve done something wrong, you should apologise to her. Though I would give it a couple days for her to calm down, especially if you’ve really offended her. Apologizing to her doesn’t guarantee that she’ll like you again or want to see you, but it will make both you and her feel better about the situation. Now, if she’s blocked you on every social media outlet, then saying sorry will be a slight challenge right now. However, if you can, reach out to her on another platform and simply apologize for your behaviour.

Give a couple days to contact her

Whatever the situation is if you’re really wanting to contact her, give it a couple of days. Don’t expect a response from her or for your relationship to become anything. But if you’re wanting to contact her for whatever reason, you need to give her a couple days of space. Then, you can message or call her if you really need to. Plus, this will give you a couple days to change your mind if needed.

Don’t do anything on social media

After she blocks you, be classy. Don’t be the guy who writes a hateful message about her or tries to publically shame her. She blocked you, so what. You know how many other women exist in this world? Don’t get stuck on the actions of one person. Plus, if other women see how you treat a girl who decided to block you, especially if you lash out rudely, your chances to get with other women will lessen. You need to learn to let go of these feelings and move forward. If not, this will continue to happen to you.

No one said relationships were easy and of course, we’re all learning as we continue to grow. So, if you make a couple mistakes with women, it’s okay, what’s important is that you learn from it. Being blocked doesn’t feel good, but your reaction to it can determine your future.

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