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Women With Hairy Nipples: Why And What To Do About It?

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Women With Hairy Nipples: Why And What To Do About It?

As you age, you may notice hairs appearing in places that you never wanted to have hairs. Unfortunately, one of these spots is your nipples. While very, very few women ever talk about it, many women suffer from hairy nipples. If this is the case with you, you are not alone. There are steps that you can take to deal with it, so don’t panic quite yet!

Hairy nipples are one of the last things you want as a woman. You understood that there would be pubic and armpit hair after puberty, but no one mentioned that hairy nipples would appear. Even chin hairs seem like an easy fix since you can easily pluck them.

Before long, you may start to notice coarse, thick hairs swirling around your areolas. Other than searching for this article, you and most women tend to keep quite about the topic. We will go through the reasons why you get hairy nipples, what you can do about them and what to expect.

Is It Normal to Have Hairy Nipples?

You can find hair on your legs, genitals, arms, upper lip and chin. Nipple hairs are just another addition to the rest of the hair on your body. While you might feel ashamed or uncomfortable about it, this problem is quite normal. You already worry about your weight, the shape of your body and everything else. You don’t have to add hairy nipples to the rest of your worries.

You might not want to admit to your girlfriends that you have hairy nipples, but this is an entirely normal, common experience. An estimated one-third of women have some hair on their nipples. The only reason why you never heard about this is because women rarely talk about it.

This is not actually a new problem, although it is more recent than you may think. For centuries, women did not shave. There were different times and different cultures when some type of hair removal happened, but western culture wasn’t worried about hairy legs until about the 1920s. At that time period, the clothes and dresses started to show off more of the body. Instead of having a Victorian dress covering your ankles and legs, ladies now had shorter dresses that revealed their legs. The changing fashion also led to the invention of the bra since older corsets were to bulky to be worn under the new clothes.

With the new fashion, women started shaving their legs. Before long, we added armpit shaving, mustache plucking, chin plucking and eyebrow shaping to the list. All of these are areas where your body will naturally grow hair, but our current style and idea of beauty says that we aren’t supposed to have hair in these places.

Why Do Women Get Hairy Nipples?

There are a number of reasons why hairy nipples happen, and these are often related to your hormones, age or medication that you are on. Medications like phenytoin, steroids, cyclosporine, minoxidil and testosterone can all cause excess hair growth. While medication can cause this problem, there are three other main reasons why your hormones can be causing hair to sprout from your nipples.

Hormonal birth control is one of the more common reasons. These contraceptives can cause your hormones to fluctuate and lead to unwanted side effects. For pregnant women, a pregnancy can also cause hairy nipples. Anything that causes hormonal changes can lead to unwanted hair growth. When you are pregnant, your hormones change drastically to prepare for a baby. It can turn delicate, blonde hairs around your nipples and other areas to turn darker, coarser and longer. In some cases, the hair was already there, but you never noticed it because it was thin, light and delicate.

Menopausal women might get to avoid the annoyance of periods, but other problems can pop up. Menopausal or perimenopausal women can experience hormonal imbalances. These can cause other unwanted symptoms, but nipple hair is one potential sign.

There are a few signs that you may need to call your doctor. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) can cause hormonal imbalances in women. This syndrome can cause cysts to develop on the ovaries that change your hormonal levels. Without treatment, the syndrome can include health problems like diabetes, glucose intolerance, excess hair growth, weight gain and infertility. Women who have PCOS often have problems losing weight. They may suffer from thinner scalp hair, depression and irregular periods. If you think that you have PCOS, go to your doctor to get diagnosed and treated.

What Can You Do About Hairy Nipples?

You know that you have hairy nipples, and you even think that you know why. Now, you have to decide what to do about it. Depending on your situation and personal needs, you have a few options for getting rid of hairy nipples.

1. Waxing

When women with hairy nipples wax, they can expect about three to six weeks before it grows back. This is good news because it means that you can relax, live your life and not worry about your nipples for a few weeks. The biggest problem with this technique is that waxing is extremely painful. The skin around your nipples is especially sensitive, so waxing can leave you screaming in pain.

2. Shaving

Shaving is a quick, easy way to rid your hair nipples. There are a few problems though. Shaving can cause stubble, and it makes the dark hair follicle more obvious. Still, it has to be better than just having hair growing on your ta-tas.

3. Go Natural

You have things to do. You have work or school to get to and a family to love. Shaving, waxing or tweezing your nipples is just not something that you want to focus on. Plus, removing nipple hair puts you at risk for in-grown hairs, which is especially un-fun when it happens on your nipples. A number of lovers do not care about a few odd hairs at all, so one of your easiest options is to just do nothing about your nipple hairs.

4. Tweezing

For many women, tweezing is the easiest option for removing nipple hair. Pluck the hair by the root, and you probably will not need to tweeze it for another week. You may still have to worry about getting in-grown hairs, but at least the longer hairs will be removed.

5. Electrolysis

If you want a longer lasting solution and no in-grown hairs, electrolysis might be a good option. This is basically laser hair removal that gets rid of unwanted hairs permanently. If you have extremely hairy nipples or just have plenty of money to spend, then go for it. You will need to do several rounds of electrolysis to permanently remove the nipple hairs. After that, hairy nipples will no longer be a problem for you.

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