Caring for Diaper Rash

A look at what causes diaper rash, ways to treat, and ways to prevent.

Diaper rash is one of the most uncomfortable parts of being a baby. It would sadden me when one of my children inevitably developed diaper rash. I hated to see my babies in any pain at all. I have been a parent for 7 years now, and I have dealt with diaper rash many times. Along the way I researched and learned the causes and effective ways to treat and to stop diaper rash from happening.

There are many different ways that diaper rash is caused, and sometimes the rash on babies bottom isn’t really diaper rash it’s called heat rash though they are both treated the same in our home. The leading cause of diaper rash is moisture in babies diaper. Skin gets extremely irritated if it is wet for to long. Dirty diapers, you know #2 diapers, also cause diaper rash if not changed within a reasonable amount of time.

Some children have more sensitive skin than others, and in those cases certain soaps can cause a rash. If a soap you are using to wash your child causes them to break out in a rash you should immediately rinse them completely and stop using the soap. Instead look for something that is gentle on baby skin. Chances are if your child’s skin is sensitive you should also look for a diaper rash cream specifically for sensitive skin. Some doctors recommend leaving out the soap altogether and using just warm water and a rag.

In my motherhood career I have found that an utter cream for cows works best with my children. It sounds weird I know, but it is specifically for dry or irritated skin and it adds a very protective layer over your child’s bottom. You should always ask your child’s doctor first before using any product though. The cow balm that I prefer is bag balm, and you can buy 1oz for around $4.00. I have never found it at walmart, but it is sold at Amazon or you can find it in farm stores around the United States.

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