Hostility in Writing: Passive Aggressive Notes

A review of Passive Aggressive Notes by Kerry Miller.

We’ve all done it—that simple written request to address an issue in the workplace, the grocery list for the roommate, or the love note gone awry. Nearly everyone has had some experience with the passive aggressive note. Our own experiences may have made us laugh, cry, or simple lash out with an equally passive aggressive written response. Now we all can laugh at some of the most crazy and quirky passive aggressive notes compiled in Passive Aggressive Notes: Painfully Polite and Hilariously Hostile Writings compiled by Kerry Miller.

After a quick introduction, the reader is launched into a pile of notes left behind by roommates, husbands, wives, siblings, and strangers. Many of the notes are self-explanatory, but some require an additional back story which is also provided in some cases. Some of the best notes include the equally snarky replies by those whom the original note was intended. From personal experience having only a refrigerator-note relationship with a roommate, these notes, although well-intentioned, can easily get out of hand into some of the most hilarious ways.

This is a very quick read for those that love to laugh and for those that may was to relive their disastrous roommate or co-worker experiences through the aggressiveness of others. The layout of the book with fun facsimiles of the notes and cute design make it a great gag gift for those looking for something affordable and fun.

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