Nine Days Past Ovulation (9DPO)

The nine days past ovulation can be a very stressful time if a woman is trying to get pregnant, because it is around the time that all the exciting stuff happens – the sperm (hopefully) fertilises an egg, and that egg implants itself into the uterine wall. It is during these nine days past ovulation, 9DPO, that a woman may notice that she is pregnant. This usually comes in the form of a missed period, but some women can experience pregnancy symptoms much sooner than the first missed period.

It is wise to remember that every woman’s pregnancy will be different, with different symptoms.

9DPO - Common Symptoms

If you are pregnant in the nine days past ovulation, you may notice the earliest signs and symptoms of pregnancy. For the most part, women do not realise they are pregnant this early on, and a positive test or missed period is often the first sign.

These are the most commonly seen changes nine days past ovulation:

Changes in the Breasts

Breasts will change throughout the menstrual cycle, so it is not unusual for you to notice changes in breast size, shape, sensation, and even pain or tenderness before your period – nine days past ovulation. Some women may find that their breasts swell and are especially sensitive during this region anyway, whereas others may only notice this if they are pregnant. The more you know your own body, the quicker you’ll be able to spot when things are slightly different.

When a woman is pregnant, the nipple area tends to get darker and more prominent, and for some women this can be the earliest signs that they are expecting.

Unexplained Tiredness / Fatigue

When you are pregnant, your hormones will usually go awry, and because of the increase progesterone production, unexplained tiredness or fatigue can be a very big problem. Things that wouldn’t usually make you tired will make you extremely tired for what feels like no reason. We are all so busy these days that tiredness is a regular part of every-day life, but if you are experiencing extreme tiredness nine days pst ovulation, you may want to look at investing in a pregnancy test.

If you are not pregnant, the change in hormones leading up to your period could also lead you to feeling super tired. Fatigue is not a symptom to rely on by itself.


The majority of women suffer with menstrual cramps before their period his – nine days past ovulation – but this can also be an early sign of pregnancy too, which makes it another unreliable symptom.

Some women can experience implantation pains when the egg embeds itself into the uterine wall, but this is usually a little sooner than nine days past ovulation.

The bad news is that the symptoms you will experience BEFORE your period – nine days past ovulation – are very much the same kind of symptoms that you would experience if you were pregnant and not expecting your period at all. It doesn’t make life easy when it comes to monitoring your body, but the more you know about how your body NORMALLY works, the sooner you’ll notice anything that appears to be out of the ordinary.

Other 9DPO Symptoms

There are a lot of changes around this time, whether you are pregnant or not, and pre-menstrual stress or tension can be a very big problem. It can cause headaches along with that serious fatigue you are experiencing, but again this can be a symptom of pregnancy. You may also notice some nausea and / or vomiting, but this can be symptomatic of both pre-menstrual symptoms and pregnancy.

It can be very difficult to rely on your body, especially when it changes all the time and so many of the symptoms that come with one thing – pregnancy, for example – often come with something else. In this case, the exact opposite – your period.

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