13 Maddening Makeup Mistakes Women Continue to Make

As a freelance makeup artist, I’ve shared some of the strangely annoying things that I keep coming across time and again.

As a freelance makeup artist who has been learning and practicing makeovers for several years, I have seen – on TV, in movies, amongst family and friends – countless women who are prone to making specific makeup mistakes that make me cringe.

Some of these are what you’ll probably notice around you as well, I mean you may not even need to look so closely and will still be able to spot them.

Here are some of those that you can see quite commonly:-

1-      Wearing a foundation shade that either makes them looks too unnaturally white (and hence scary in pictures) or too ashy if they are women of color. All skin tones and shades are gorgeous, I would know, I work with the beauty of that spectrum, but I do not understand why women insist on wanting to look a different color than what they are naturally gifted with!

2-      Wearing too much foundation during the day to make it look like they have perfect skin – no blemishes, no discoloration, no under-eye darkness or redness, no blotches – no matter what the weather is. Wow lucky you!

3-      Applying foundation only to their face and not taking it down to their neck and on to their ears – I don’t think I need to explain what that looks like.

4-      Applying so much of powder to set the foundation that they unfortunately can’t avoid look pale, sick or ghostly, especially in pictures.

5-      Choosing to wear a lipstick shade which is in fashion without thinking whether they can actually pull it off – given their choice of clothes and natural skin tone as well

6-      Overdrawing their lips to make them look fuller – seriously?

7-       Wearing too muck eye makeup during the day, enough to make it passable for a night time look.

8-      Putting blush on the apples of their cheeks in perfect cute circles and not blending it out.


9-      Wearing enough mascara to make their eyes look they’ve been forced open.

10-   Having put on an eyeliner and not bothering to check whether it has transferred on to the eyelid – sooo annoying

11-   Contouring their face with the aim of having a more sculpted, more youthful look, but in fact ending up with a hollow-cheek effect.

12-   Highlighting every part of the face with a shimmering effect product – it’s hard to focus on every part of your face ladies.


13-   Fake tanning themselves to the extent of looking orange (yes the pictue is a little exaggerated…but you get the picture right?).


All that these makeup bloopers require are two extra minutes in order to avoid making memories that are more like scars. Yet, some insist and believe that all’s good…..in that case, that’s great.

You’re all beautiful women….getting a few basics straight can really enhance it all.

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