Olive Oil for Your Skin and Hair

100% Olive oil does boost skin and hair health. It contains anti-aging and hydrating elements, capable of keeping skin looking young, glowing, and healthy.

Olive Oil for Your Skin and Hair | Unexpected Natural Beauty

Damaged cuticles? Dandruff? Olive oil is the one-stop solution for your hair and beauty woes as it is a powerhouse for your skin and hair.

We all know olive oil in pastas and salads not only adds on the taste but also promotes good health. But is it equally beneficial when applied on the skin and hair? According to experts- yes, it is.

Olive Oil for Your Skin

100% Olive oil is light and nourishes skin. It is said to undo the damage done to your skin caused by alkaline soaps, chlorinated water and even chemical pollutants. It contains antioxidants which protect your skin from degeneration caused by exposure to the sun.

Try out for yourself and see it works. Massage olive oil on hardened skin areas like the cuticles (skin around the nails) and the skin of elbows and knees. But for it to work, the oil has to be pure; that means it should be labeled ‘extra virgin. Just rub a bit of it on dry skin or chapped lips and see the immediate results.

Olive Oil for Your Hair

100% Olive oil nourishes your hair. It is especially useful for oily hair with dandruff. Follow a weekly ritual of applying olive oil in the hair for 30 minutes and wrapping it with a warm towel before shampoo. Your split ends will be repaired and your hair will look shinier than ever before. Since it is light, olive oil is great for treating extremely dry, damaged and fizzy hair. Just put a drop of olive oil on your palm, rub your palms together and then smooth the palms over your mane to get rid of fizzy ends. It’s really that simple and useful.

Also, you can try coconut milk for hair.

Truthfully, olive oil is another main ingredient in several beauty products. Another one being, 100% grape seed oil – this does wonders.

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